Part 1: About Energy Healing… The Basics!

//Part 1: About Energy Healing… The Basics!

Part 1: About Energy Healing… The Basics!


Energy healing is a form of ancient healing that has been available to individuals across all cultures and time periods.   You can read accounts through almost every major time period and people to find stories of healing by balancing and working with the human energy system. 

You can find well-documented, scientific studies that prove the existence of the human energy system.   The National Institute of Health (NIH) has hundreds of well-defined positive studies on the use energy medicine in a therapeutic setting.   Across religions and spiritual traditions around the world and throughout time, you can explore stories, examples, and testaments of  working with source energy through the Spiritual lenses.   Quantum physics is an evolving field that continues to explore and define the movement, behavior, and interaction of energy local and non-local phenomena.  Consciousness studies explore the interconnectedness and potential of the morphogenic field (or the collective energy system that we are a part of, that we by virtue of our own thoughts assist in the evolution of).  Cosmological principals that informed our great historical mystics and our present-day theorists about the universe, underlie our story of Origination – how we arrived here in this beautiful mysterious moment made of the molecules of stars manifested with soul, spirit, and an epigenetic (DNA) lineage.  

We are the alchemy of cosmos living and a long history of genetics.

Energy is in the heart of our birth and life story.

We are the alchemy of the effulgent Universe (the energy of the cosmos, the sound of OM, the All that is);  the energies of our original star origin; the energy of our genetic and ancestral lineage; the energy of our spiritual birth intention; the energy of the place and environment in which we were born; and we are set here in a moment in time to live a life that helps us discover what it means to TRULY BE HERE.  


We live.  We do the best we can.   We navigate forces or energies in three primary places: 

  1. outside of our body (our environment, our job, our relationships, our culture, our family)
  2. inside our body (our health, our physique, our emotional selves)
  3. in our mind (our temperament or the way we deal with our life experiences)

The stress of these turn to challenges which operate on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of us.  Sometimes our bodies weaken or sicken.  Sometimes our mood creates unhealthy patterns. Sometimes our neurology (which has a bias towards remembering and patterning around negative things  because that’s what kept us safe for all of these hundreds of years) gets patterned to leave us with little resources to deal with our life. 

Energy healing is another way to get at re-balancing negative patterns in the body, outside of the body, and in our mind that are encoded in the energy system.  Here is a list of very common challenges that can be effectively supported by energy healing. 

  • Chronic illness support
  • Caregiver burnout or fatigue
  • Reduction of physical symptoms (including headaches, chronic pain, nervous tension)
  • Psychological support.
  • Tempermental qualities that arrive  (are you quick to fire up, more down, stubborn)
  • Personal renewal and relaxation
  • Path work or life purpose support
  • Past-life, epigenetic, and ancestral healing
  • Grief, trauma, and PTSD
  • Reduction of limiting beliefs
  • Increasing will force and personal power
  • Oncology support
  • End-of-life care
  • Pre- and Post-Operative Support
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