Healing Affirmations

In these affirmations, I use the power of energy activation and story to write an affirmation that includes “that which must shift.” This allows you to partner with the new re-patterned state with more empowerment.

Affirmations are short statements that “assert a truth” for the body, mind, or Spirit. Affirmations have been clinically shown to be effective in healing, recovery, and psychological resourcing.

Historically, affirmations are typically written as one short line, in the first person and in the present tense.


This new formula of affirmations allows you to understand the “why” – why does this work, why am I changing and these affirmations include the entire energy story that leads you towards a new positive, affirmed state.

With regular use, your energy system begins to re-pattern around the positive intentional language.

I AM I – Affirmations for the 13 Chakras

Affirmations help the energy system to re-pattern by offering new energy through imagery, language, and vibration.

Use these affirmations one at a time to support you as when you are working with a specific area of your life. If you listen to these affirmations regularly, you will notice that your energy system and personal perspective around these dimensions begin to normalize and move towards a more available and empowered state.

Use to support physical health and vitality

Use to support your emotional wellbeing

Use to release fears and claim your personal power.

Use to to bridge into relationship with the All.

Use to speak your truth and strengthen your inner voice (and boundaries).

Use for vision work and journeying.

Use for a deep and fulfilling connection to Spirit.

Use for time travel into past, present, and future times for healing.

Use to return to your original code and Spiritual blueprint.

Use to clear ancestral and genetic patterns and connect deeply to the Earth.

Use to develop extra-ordinary powers such as those of the great Spiritual masters.

Use to come into connection with the unique gifts that YOU bring into the world.

Use to support your greatest wishes to come true.