For your first session: Please book a Foundation Session for 2 hours ($280).

This session illuminates energetic patterns; establishes a plan for our work together and includes an energy-medicine treatment.

For follow-on sessions: Each follow-on session is initially booked for 60 minutes ($150) and can extend up to 90 minutes.

I use a sliding session length dictated by:

    • how much or little you wish to discuss during your appointment
    • the nature of the issues that you wish to work on
    • whether the session is part of a preventative care/stress reduction package

60-75 minute appointments are the average time for a general visit for stress reduction, preventative care, or an intuitive consultation around a specific issue; payment is expected at the time of service. 90 minutes are held for appointments and additional time is billed at $2.50/minute; payment is expected at the end of the session.

Please use the scheduler below to schedule your appointment. If you need to accommodate your time zone or need an appointment sooner, please e-mail me.

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