And now, back to us…

But first, I’d like to take a few short moments to share a few personal things with you…

Dear friend,

A lot has happened this year that surprised me.

When I was teaching the Hara class in the early spring, it surprised me that I felt odd “off.” I was sharing a dimension of energy that energizes and grounds and feeling drained and challenged.

Shortly after that, I received two utterly bizarre blood tests. One shared that I was severely anemic and the other apparently in such adrenal fatigue that my testosterone had dropped almost entirely away!

Honoring this news, I stopped everything that wasn’t connected with physical renewal. In my life, this includes emotional balance, Spiritual inquiry, energetic support, and lots of nature and family time. (Shout out here to my sweet husband, Blake, who said, “We’ll make it work. Take care of you.”)

Stopping everything was so weird. (I was also managing the consistency of badgering thoughts – many professional “what ifs..” – many of which ended badly.)

Did you know that I’ve worked two positions almost consistently since I was 25? First, working in corporate America, I had a healing practice in the evenings and weekends. Then, when I quit corporate, I had my practice and took a position as the Executive Director of The Healing Touch Professional Association. I taught many classes and maintained my practice when I left that role – keeping with the hours I was accustomed to working.

I was lost for the first month or so of my healing sabbatical. Then I caught a new rhythm.

Life served me some things… and I learned some things… about myself, my work, life, and some of the energies here with me in the now and are creating my future.

I’ve found myself on the cusp of a lot of new teaching opportunities, a new personal pace, a new personal trainer, a new home being built, a new puppy coming (welcome Bernadette aka Bernie), and so much renewed love for the special space that is this healing practice.

If you have known me, you know that I share, but I keep firm boundaries around my personal life. But, I’d like to open that door further and welcome you in.

If it interests you, you are invited to a little personal sharing about a healing sabbatical. I want to share a little bit about those blood tests – spoiler – one was WRONG – and how by whatever force of God was working through them, I found some beautiful life waiting to heal and restore me.

Hope to see you!

Sending all my love,

Here’s the recording for the call