Yapp Healing Weekend

Ceremony Questionnaire Form


There will be opportunities for ceremony and ritual during our weekend. The first step in creating any meaningful ceremony is to define the intention of the ceremony. This becomes the energetic container for our ceremony. The second step is to set a date and time for the ceremony. This allows the energy to begin to build towards that time and date.

Coming Home Ceremony: Celebration of Shared Life & Togetherness

Our intention for the Coming Home Ceremony is to "see" one another as a family and support the healing of sadness and celebrations of dreams. This ceremony will be held on Saturday the Twentieth of August at five o'clock in the evening.

Jeff & Tamara's Vow Renewal Ceremony:

Our intention for Jeff & Tamara's 25th Vow Renewal Ceremony is to celebrate and honor their marriage, renew their marriage vows, and support them as a family in stepping into this new co-creative space together. This ceremony will be held on Tuesday the Twenty-third of August at five thirty in the evening.

Ceremony Questions

The answer to these questions will help Amelia understand what each participant is holding in their hearts. This is private and confidential information and will not be spoken specifically but alluded to generally.

8. May I e-mail you with additional questions, if needed?(Required)

Preliminary Invitation for Ceremony

There may be rattling, drumming, ritual movement, and symbolic sharing to support the collective space of healing and togetherness. I ask that you think about your participation and offer yourself fully to the shared ceremonial space.

I will participate in the Celebration of Shared Life & Togetherness Ceremony(Required)
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