Who works with me?

//Who works with me?

Who works with me?

“They” say it is important to have a specialty in your work, but I don’t really believe that.  When you work with energy, you work with all of the aspects and dimensions of a person – you work with their thoughts, their feelings, their physical holdings, their present life (and their past and future ones), their stories (and their family’s stories), their power (and where they may feel powerless). When you work in energy, it’s rather hard to claim a specialty, but if I had to, I would look at where I have been led in this work based on my life growing up near a funeral home (and all of the weird conversations and happenings that float around there) and my life growing up on a farm (with all of the nature spirits, the fairies, the freedom, and the beauty to explore life growing and singing living in the plants and flowers and critters).

I would say my specialty is working with people who, for whatever reason (and there are many) just feel dim and know that there is a light that is brighter, bigger, and more beautiful that wants to effortlessly shine out from the deep center of their heart.  I work with artists, musicians, executives, teachers, writers, real estate salespeople, engineers, farmers, and social workers.  I work with people who are known just around here and I work with people who are known all over the world for their contributions  I work with moms and dads who have lost themselves in the mothering and the fathering.  I work with individuals who have suffered through (or are suffering through) great pain and sadness due to a diagnosis or a loss. 

I have a wide lens and a big heart and my practice is open to anyone who is not feeling and living their truest light.  In my healing practice, if you are thinking about working with me, these descriptions might help you  find yourself here, and if you don’t, you’re invited anyways because energy work touches every part of you.

  • Have you ever felt held by a belief patterns of unworthiness ? Have you ever felt disconnected from the planet? Or disconnected from your body, your heart, or disconnected from Spirit? 
    • I regularly hear and support the underlying beliefs in these statements:
      “I don’t want to be here”, “I don’t belong here”, “I don’t feel safe on the planet”, “I have never felt grounded”, “I’ve never felt whole”, “I can’t sustain strong relationships”, “I don’t love myself”, “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not worthy”   “I don’t deserve happiness”, “I’m being punished for something”, “I can’t have relationships”, “I am afraid of people”, “I don’t feel like my body is truly mine”, “I don’t trust my body”, “I can’t create abundance and money”, “I am being punished”, “I can’t connect with God”
    • Together, we break the connections to these beliefs, or strongholds, and nourish their free Spirits with the energetic support and intuitive guidance that they need to really and truly live on this beautiful planet in their beautiful body.
  • Do you have an immediate health concern, such as a negative health diagnosis (examples: cancer or injury) or complex chronic illnesses as a result of a bio-toxin (examples: Lyme’s disease, mold, or toxic poisoning)?
    • These clients have received a diagnosis that is challenging them. 
    • Often we address both the symptoms of the illness and the feelings that arrive that cling to keeping you from finding your light.
    • Sometimes diagnosis has brought up feelings of “not wanting to be here” or feeling “displaced within their body.”
  • Have you recently (or not so recently undergone a specific life event that made you feel displaced (or sometimes the word “disassociated” comes up) between yourself and your body or your life.

    • Shit happens. Bad shit happens. Hard shit happens. Horrific shit happens. When this shit happens, it is hard to find your light. And, when it is hard to find your light, it’s hard to heal.  So, together we uncover, re-remember, and re-discover the light that is with you and wants to shine through you.
    • Often this pattern happens to sensitive individuals who have suffered through a moment where the world or their body became unsafe.


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