About Energetic Life Coaching with Amelia Vogler

For individuals who feel as though they have lost touch with who they are or live with the background noise of anxiety or ungroundedness, regular coaching with Amelia can be highly effective in bringing you back to center to find your ground.

Coaching involves tapping into your intuitive wisdom through insightful clarifying questions, guided practices and meditations, and resourcing. Amelia brings all of these aspects forward blending with her 15 years in healing to her coaching sessions to bring in additional light, guidance, and support.

In the year we have been working together, Amelia’s commitment and passion in her work and her client’s wellbeing has consistently proven itself time and again as it always calls me back to ever expanding places of re-discovery within myself!
Amelia’s ability to be fully present through out each of our sessions has assisted me greatly, as has her accurate insight, empathy, and listening.  Her tangible compassion and warmth are something that illuminates and translates powerfully through both her words, and through her ever-open heart.
This, in part, has brought about noticeable movement forward, with many breakthroughs in both my limitations and in my understanding relative to my quest for finding clear answers inward through the deeper stories beneath some of my greater life challenges.
With those epiphanies, too,  have come greater faith in my own abilities, and a variety of welcome closures and resolutions as well— which is no small task.
Sessions with her are always an adventure, and most often leave me not only in awe, but with the sensation of having a very stark, unique, sometimes haunted call from my own spirit witnessed, heard, and in turn answered. And with that, for me, comes the joy in knowing Amelia, and experiencing the brilliance in her many gifts through her wise counsel, and tremendous healing presence which I am ever grateful for; having her assistance in this inward journey to reclaim lost parts of my self has been an answer to many, many prayers and a true blessing in every sense of the word!
Robin M.

About Coaching Packages

Regardless of whether we focus on the physical, emotional, mental, or Spiritual aspects of your life, all of our work will flow between these aspects naturally. Holistic treatment is the exact opposite of most western & mainstream medicine; we listen to all of the forces (some of which may be coming from long ago or early-life programs) to address the foundation of your issue.

Coaching packages start with a 2-hour intake session and then we meet once a month to deepen the work. The packages start at 6 months and include e-mail support and check-ins. .

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Amelia’s heart and skill for healing is boundless. Her knowledge base about energy healing is vast–and even more powerful–is the accuracy and compassion she brings to every session, class, and endeavor. I’ve not met anyone with her precision of truth and energy medicine expertise. It’s been my good fortune to share time with her and be on the receiving end of her blessed gifts.

Cyndi DaleCyndi Dale, author of 26 bestselling energy medicine books, including The Subtle Body series.

Information, Pricing and Packages

How coaching works together

This is a bit hard to answer because everyone is individual, but more often than not, working together will look like this:

Step 1:  We start with a free consultation to make sure that we’re good fits for each other.  I am so happy to refer you to someone that might be more perfect, if I feel that’s in your best interest!

Step 2:  We will then have a 2 Hour Intake Session to allow me the privilege of getting to know you and getting very clear about your goals. This includes an hour of coaching and energy work as well.

Step 3:  For the next 5 months, we meet together once a month and continue to support your forward movement.  You also may e-mail me throughout the months with thoughts and questions.

6 Month Coaching Package

Pricing:  $3,500

Other ways we can work together

If you are interested in having less consistent support, I recommend that you read about my Healing Consultation offerings.

If you are about to go through surgery and want me to work with your surgical team and support your surgery, I recommend that you read about Energy Medicine in Surgery.

Easy! Use my scheduler and find a time that fits with your schedule. If you don’t see a time that fits your schedule, then e-mail me. Please know that I receive a lot of e-mails and this can sometimes take a few days to return a message. I do the very best that I can to be attentive and responsive in a respectful amount of time.

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