The COVID-19 Energy Clinic with Amelia Vogler

Group Energy Medicine for Physical, Emotional, and Mental Healing 

This online group clinic addresses the “collapsed” energy system that happens when we are under stress and anxiety. When we are in troubling times, we hold our energy system close to us. It is as if we are “holding on to ourselves for dear life.” Unfortunately, when we are most healthy, most robust, most relaxed, and most resourced is when our energy system is open and flowing.

A collapsed system

…restricts the flow of energies that support physical healing making it more difficult to keep your immune system supported.

…traps and holds nervous and anxious energy closer to you, which contributes to the “running tape” of negative thoughts and worrying patterns.

…makes it difficult for you to bring in supportive grounding resources. This means you are not getting connected to a more abundant flow of therapeutic support that can lead to emotional and physical burn out.

… lessons your ability to connect with Spirit (or God or Source) to inspire you and support you during these difficult times.

In this group energy medicine clinic, the focus will be on expanding the energy system so that it can remain in an open and flowing state. This free state allows stress, anxiety, and traumatic thoughts to continue to move through rather than being stuck in the energy body (and thus, the physical body).

In this every-other-Friday energy clinic, you will receive:

• Immune system support to boost immunity for the physical body to remain strong
• Nervous system support to lessen and soften anxious patterns
• Grounding support to bring the energy body into a grounded and protected state
• Support for a continued connection with Spirit (in whatever ways you conceive this force to be)

These Fridays online at 11:00am – 12:00pm Eastern USA Time

April 17
May 1, 15, 29
June 12, 26

The registration is pay-what-you-can  starting at $5 per clinic and wish that you offer what is comfortable for you at this time.

(A recommended clinic fee is $30 or $235 for all 6 clinics)

We will be using Zoom for our healing clinics.  All clinics will be recorded and shared with attendees.

Register for Individual Clinic Dates