This page is a work in progress and will continue to be updated; I just wanted to get the download link out to you for the grounding meditation. Visit back, if called… 

I am not someone who is quick to respond. I am someone who watches, listens, takes things into my cave, processes them slowly, and then as meaningfully and intentionally as possible offers whatever feels most Right.

All of these thoughts and resources are compiled with the intention of support and are offered with the understanding that you will not take them as truth for you, but mine  where your truths fit within them and see what fits and what might not.

I offer them with love. I offer them with prayers. I offer them with hope.  I offer them in that tender place of ‘living’ – in these moments trying to navigate the tragedy and the beauty in these times.  I offer them as your sister in life unfolding during this time…

The Real Work

It may be that when we no longer know what to do
we have come to our real work,

and that when we no longer know which way to go
we have come to our real journey.

The mind that is not baffled is not employed.

The impeded stream is the one that sings.

-Wendell Berry

Spirit:  Resources and Recommendations

We are in the in-between times.  The times between the known and unknown.  The times that call us to our greatest strengths and humble us as we face our own personal responses to uncertainty.   We are between hope and fear; between suffering and not suffering.

  • One of the most useful techniques for settling the Spirit is to extend love in ways that can support others. I pray. I drum. I check in.  I ask myself, where can I do more good today?  And I try to spend times in that space.
  • Ground yourself often. *You can use the meditation below to help guide you in this practice. The goal is to bring your energy down into your legs and feet and connect to the planet, our first and primal home and move it from around the head (where our worry tends to pile up).
  • Connect with your Spiritual Practices.  I continue to give energy medicine appointments to family, to friends, to clients.  This is one of my personal spiritual practices. The work allows me to feel the presence of the Divine.   If you have a spiritual practice such as doing art, making music, writing poetry, looking at nature, tying fishing flies, coloring in a coloring book, reading and reflecting; I invite you to get close to these things.  Creativity is the language of the Divine.
  • Immerse yourself in beauty.  I try, everyday, to stay close to something beautiful.  I’ve offered a few things on this page and will add to it as I find things.
  • Feel your heartbeat.   Place your hands on your heart or feel your pulse.   I do this to remind myself that I am alive; that I am well; that my body remembers what to do.

I have a lot of  additional resources in this space coming.

I highly recommend listening to this whenever possible. Allow it to play in your home and fill your space with the sound of the Universe.

GIFT: Grounding Meditation Streaming + Personal Download

The following grounding meditation was written, recorded by me and produced by a grammy-nominated producer in 2019.  The music was composed by three amazing musicians who worked with me to ensure each note supports the energies within the words and the intention of the meditation.

It is a gift to you, from me, in this time of needing to strengthen your roots below and nurture your connection with Spirit above  to bring more light into your life and bodies.

It is titled:  Illumination because as we connect to Source our inner light and potential becomes strongly illuminated.

To download to your personal libraries:

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The Blessing of Gratefulness

This is likely one of my favorite things on the internet.  <3

Nature’s beauty can be easily missed — but not through Louie Schwartzberg’s lens. His stunning time-lapse photography, accompanied by powerful words from Benedictine monk Brother David Steindl-Rast, serves as a meditation on being grateful for every day. (Filmed at TEDxSF.)

Mind:  Recommendations and Resources

I am not a licensed mental health practitioner.  I am a specialist in energy medicine – a form of ancient healing with modern hands-on and intuitive methods.  These are some mental health resources and thoughts that may be of service to you at this time.

  • Meet uncertainty with logic and inner resources.  This is the in-between time. The time when we are really asked to be in that grey place between what we know and what we don’t know.  This grey place often brings up a shit load of anxiety. I know that in myself, if I start thinking a few steps ahead of right now, I can find myself in an overwhelming amount of nervousness, so as well as I can, I remember all of the good things that I am doing to help myself stay safe (body, mind, and Spirit) and I ask myself questions like these:
    • Am I doing everything that I can to stay safe?    If the answer is yes, then I feel that yes deeply.
    • Am I doing everything that I can to stay informed but not be married to the news?  Yes. I am connecting with local news rather than National news at this time because it is easier on my nervous system.
    • Am I staying connected with the people that I love?   Yes.
    • Am I doing my part for others in my community?   Yes.  For me this looks like reaching out, having conversations in the yards; staying connected (but at a distance); praying and providing accurate or inspirational information.
    • Am I offering spaces and opportunities for the healing of others?  Yes.
  • I recommend highly Dr. Dispenza’s 6 minute talk on the role of positive emotion recruitment on the immune system. It is grounded in science and tender in caring.  In this video, Dr. Joe shares how you can break the stress response with elevated emotions and what is happening on a biological level when you are greater than your environment⁣. Watch until the very end of the video to hear Dr. Joe’s advice on how you can use this time ❤️
  • Tell yourself that when you am not getting consistent information from family or friends that “No news is good news” and rest and accept that silence as a positive place. This is a space where you can trust that everyone in is taking care of themselves and their family as best as they know how to.
  • Feel your feet on the ground and focus on what is around you.  I look for evidence that I am sitting in the command of the present moment; I listen to my cat’s purr or my dog’s snoring and notice the everyday things that existed before this time and will exist through this time and will exist beyond this time.
  • Breathe.  Watch yourself breathing; I know that I am breathing; I feel myself breathing.  Focusing on the breath helps me bring myself back to the little island of myself.
  • Try to reflect often on ALL of the things that you are doing to take care of yourself.  I’m sure that every day you, just like me,  are taking some wonderful steps to keep yourself safe – practicing distancing and being really smart about what to touch and what not to touch – when to wash your hands.  Keep thinking in the positive though, “I am doing XYZ. I am doing ABC” and let yourself feel ALL of these things deeply as evidence that you know how to care for yourself.
  • Try reflecting on your life and some of the harder times that you have gotten through remembering that you have been through hard things before and you are still OK.
  • For uncomfortable feelings of physical isolation and connection, you can put your right hand on your left shoulder and your left hand on your right waist. Hold yourself and feel yourself held.  The brain actually continues to produce oxytocin (the cuddle hormone that is created by physical touch) when you hold yourself. It doesn’t know the difference between your touching yourself and someone else. You might try holding yourself at night before bed and comforting yourself, as if you would comfort anyone else.
  • Meditate. If you don’t know how, check out one of my favorite apps called Headspace. They are offering FREE support during this crisis. (
  • Watch the birds on the bird feeders and deeply feel the SAFETY of nature unfolding Springtime around you. The Earth goes through cycles and teaches us that all things will come to an end and a new beginning will follow.
  • Find funny things to spend moments with. Disney movies, comedies, funny e-mails. Laughing is wonderful for your immune system.

This finger holding meditation opens the meridians and allows you to release the held emotions that are being held in that meridian.  Once you learn the simple technique, it is easy to do throughout the day and it REALLY works!

Body: Recommendations and Resources

I am not a licensed medical doctor or nurse.  I am a specialist in energy medicine – a form of ancient healing with modern hands-on and intuitive methods.

Positive Information About the Structure of the Virus:

Perhaps one of the few encouraging aspects of the COVID-19 outbreak is that the virus is enveloped. Enveloped viruses are the least resistant to inactivation by disinfection. The structure of these viruses includes a lipid envelope, which is easily compromised by most disinfectants. Once the lipid envelope is damaged, the integrity of the virus is compromised, thereby neutralizing its capacity to infect.   Link to more info

Because my scope of practice does not deal with the body, the best and highest that I can do right now is offer you what I am doing for myself, based on the countless pages of  research that I have read; the conversations with doctors and nurses that I have had; offer the videos that I have watched; and share the intuitive, grounded practices that I am living with.  I’m sure that you have come to your own protocols, so please follow your guidance and allow these personal practices to inspire and support as you feel drawn to them.

For the Body

  • I have increased my immune system support significantly using the methods dictated by my doctor.  I recommend calling your GP and asking for a support plan for yourself if you do not know what that looks like already.
  • I am practicing deep breathing.  My friend Daniel taught me to bring my breath deep into my abdomen and then round my mouth and express the breath through an O sound.  This is a cooling and calming breath.  It is also bringing a lot of good, clean O2 in my system and calms my nervous system.
  • I sound the tone “O” and it resonates deep into the chamber of the body. I feel that this is supporting proper vagal tone based on my inner intuitive sense and also research on the Vagus nerve.  The vibration of this tone is very soothing.
  • I am trying to get proper sleep at night.
  • I am walking outside every day and getting out of the house into nature around me.  I am mindfully looking for wild flowers and delighting in the colors of them.  I am getting significant exercise: 3-5 miles a day as I can…
  • I use this orientation technique to establish a felt sense of safety.  This technique was taught to me by a somatic experiencing professional in Asheville, NC.  I tried it and it was a very helpful practice of remembering safety in your body.  You stand and first feel your feet on the ground.  Then move each foot and ankle.  Bring movement up the body through the knees and hips. Then bring movement to the spine by gently twisting. Then bringing that gentle twisting into the shoulders and arms. Then extend this movement up through the neck and head. Even allow your eyes to move and scan.   Stand and notice how it feels to have your legs underneath you – supporting you.  Then begin  to notice things around you.  Name the things – the kitchen table, your dog, your computer, your chair.  Whatever is around you begin to name those things.  When we notice how our legs can hold us up, we remember on a primal level that our body can keep us safe.  When we look around and scan and name things, we being to orient again and our nervous system responds to this as a cue of safety as well.
  • I am not ordering take-out from restaurants.  For me, this opens up just enough uncertainty that I don’t feel like I’m in enough control.  I also have heard from an ER doctor that this does carry some risk and that she is choosing this approach also for her family.

In The Home

  • I am staying home – for myself, for my family, for your family, and for the families that I don’t know but share this life with.
  • When a package comes – we leave in on the porch and we spray it down with Lysol. Lysol® Disinfectant Spray EPA #777-99   We wait for the day or even over night before bringing the package in.  We open it. Disinfect the product.  We leave the cardboard outside.  We wash our hands.  We disinfect the countertop that it was sitting on.
  • When I get them mail – we spray it down with Lysol; we open the mail and discard the envelope; we disinfect the surface the mail was sitting on.
  • When I wipe down our countertops and door handles with Clorex Bleach or  Lysol® Disinfecting Wipe EPA #777-114 in the am and pm.
  • I wash my hands for 20 seconds
  • I disinfect the water handle of the sink after washing my hands with a wipe. (Did I just touch something that could be infected and then turn on my water? If yes, then I disinfect it!)

Leaving and Returning Home

  • When going out in public – I put a zinc lozenge in my mouth. Zinc is widely studied as a mitigation against viral replication and is suggested to help coat the mouth as a supportive intervention.
  • In car – I keep a box of gloves in my car and hand sanitizer
  • Getting gas or shopping – Anywhere there is a PIN pad or something in public I have to touch (gas station, grocery items, pharmacy, etc.) I wear gloves and dispose of them properly prior to getting back in my car.  I sanitize my hands and steering wheel.  (If I use hand sanitizer I let it sit until it is DRY, which is the proper use.)
  • I disinfect any groceries that come into the house and wash all food carefully, just like this guy says:

A family physician teaches us how to wash our groceries.

  • When I get home –  I unload anything that was purchased and disinfect it in the garage. Prior to entering the house, I use a lysol or bleach wipe on the door. Wash hands.  Unload packages (if any) and sanitize.  Enter home with lysol or bleach wipe again.  Wash hands.
  • I am not leaving the house often (except for my walks outside) but this is my protocol for when I do!  If I was out more, I would be wearing a mask at this point to help reduce exposure and also to remind myself to NOT TOUCH MY MOUTH OR NOSE.

Thank you to my favorite star song receiver, Jesse, for this beautiful reminder….

Connection:  Recommendations and Resources

  • My functional doctor shared the following beautiful ritual of connection with me.  When you are unable to be close to those whom you love, make a piece of art, write a poem, paint a stone – do something in the physical world that you can touch.  As you think of this person, hold that item and let your energy into it.  After this is over, you can give them this talisman, this artifact of love, and tell them that it is holding all of the energy of your caring during the time when you have not been able to be together.