COVID Vaccination Status

Amelia strictly adheres to the CDC masking and social distancing guidance for vaccinated and non-vaccinated individuals. She takes extra precautions in public places, always wearing her mask and remaining socially distanced.

The nature of in-person sessions require that Amelia is within 6′ of you and may require light touch.

If an individual is unvaccinated and has traveled by plane within 10 days of seeing Amelia, Amelia reserves the right to not treat this individual due to increased risk of COVID-19.

Amelia requests unvaccinated individuals wear a mask in her presence when in doors and/or unable to remain socially distanced.

Amelia is fully vaccinated with the Moderna MRNA Vaccine. Her first dose was February 01, 2021 and her second dose was March 01, 2021.

Amelia would like to know your vaccination status so that she may best prepare for your session.

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