Personalized Meditations

Humbled by the profound beauty and therapeutic potential of guided meditation and imagery, I am constantly led to the awe of the spoken word. For close to 8 years, I have been speaking and sharing meditations to groups, to individuals, and recording them casually for my client’s support.

Seeing how supportive these messages are and being asked over and over if my clients can record our conversations or our healing sessions, I wanted to find a way to provide personalized messages for healing that can be used daily.

Repetition is how we learn and how our energy system is re-patterned and strengthened. Messages and words lay an imprint of new patterning that has been scientifically studied to change the state of the atoms within your body. The right message can heal.

In this personalized service, I will sit, channel, and write a personalized therapeutic or Spiritually-focused meditation for your healing focus and for your body and to address the energetic needs of your subtle bodies. This requires a 30 minute consultation so that I can speak with you to understand the components that are needed for your meditation. I will send you a draft to read and listen to and will make any revisions that you request. After which, I will write and record a high-quality custom meditation just for you.

The investment for this service is $495.00 for one revision.

*If you need to modify the meditation and produce a few drafts, these are $60/draft. It isn’t common that additional drafts are needed.

You were born to do things like this for the World. I’m so grateful! I love you!

Cynthia Hutchison DNSc, RN, MSN, CNS, HTCP/I, Former Education Director of Healing Touch Program, Boulder, CO

Your meditation is absolutely beautiful! Thank you!

Anne S., Ohio

Amelia, you are very gifted in guided meditation!! Thank you for this sacred contribution to healing.

Caroline F., California