Speaking to the Plants

Location: Eco-Institute, Chapel Hill NC

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Date: August 25, 2018
Time:  Coming soon..

Anyone who wishes to listen and speak with our brothers and sisters in the plant world.

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To move any muscle requires other muscles and tissues to completely relax and let go. When we take notice of this simultaneous activity of “moving and letting go,” there is an opportunity to find our attention to that place that sits between these – a place of stillness that portals us into connection with some of the messages and teachings of our joints, bones, and body. Moving, dancing, walking, and being “in body” will take on a new sense of wisdom and wonder after this workshop of body-based enlightenment.

This session will have three primary spaces:
Space 1: A short teaching around speaking with the plants.
Space 2: A guided journey to open the 10th and 8th chakras and an experience of going out to speak with the plants.
Space 3: A time to return to put your wisdom from the plants in action and speak with the plants in their essence form through aromatherapy.  


You will experience:
• An experience of “asking” for what is needed in your life; hearing the answer from the plants; and then speaking again for a specific “medicine” to be brought into your life through essential oils.


Amelia will be holding a safe container for relaxation and opening. You will always be in full control of your own energy, your own body, and your own experience and any prompts and invitations to explore are completely optional. You are your own empowered teacher and this is a session that allows you space to heal, space to explore, and space to listen depending on your specific needs as you walk into the space.