Healing Touch Program Level 1

Level 1 begins with 16 clock hours of instruction that allows persons with varying background to enter, acknowledge their previous learnings, and further develop concepts and skills in energy based therapy. A strong commitment to personal growth and knowledge of holistic health principles are required.

A Healing Touch Level 1 class is for the person who wants to enhance wellness in themselves and the lives of people they care about by using the gift of energetic touch. Learning Healing Touch will enable you to offer comfort and relief when nothing else seems to help. You will possess a life-changing gift that you can give over and over again, once you have mastered simple, easy-to-learn steps and techniques that support health and facilitate the healing process.

You will learn:

  • Twelve techniques that you can use immediately
  • How to use your hands and heart to foster healing in others and in yourself
  • How to open your heart and spirit to everyone you know in a healing way
  • What your energy anatomy looks like
  • How your energy anatomy is connected with your mind, body and spirit
  • What other people’s energy feels like
  • How to relieve pain and calm emotions in yourself and others
  • How to clear up energetic blockages that affect us negatively
  • How to maintain balance in your own energy system so that you can thrive instead of just survive
  • Personal development skills that will foster your personal and professional growth
  • How to share this exciting work in your community
  • How to tap into resources that you can share with friends and colleagues that demonstrate the scientific validity of Healing Touch
  • The Scope of Practice and Code of Ethics that make the Healing Touch Program a professional, certified program


  • 8:15am-8:30am (Registration)
  • 8:30am-6:30pm (Class)


  • 8:30am-6:30pm (Class)

Each day there will be 2 short breaks and an hour for lunch. Local restaurants are close by.
Snacks and tea will be available in the class.

Registration Information

You may pay in full by credit card below. The course fee is $385.

If you prefer to pay the non-refundable deposit $100 to hold your place in the course, please fill in the form below and I will contact you with additional information. (The remaining $285.00 is expected at the time of class by check or credit.)

Level: Open to anyone
Prerequisite: None
Cost: $385 (Non-refundable deposit to register:  $100)
Instructor: Amelia Vogler – MS, HTCP/I, HT Mentor, Executive Director of the Healing Touch Professional Association

Class Size is Limited

Healing Touch Level 1 Workshop

Type: Workshop
Format:  In-Person Classroom
Location: Durham, North Carolina
Saturday December 30
Sunday December 31
Saturday 8:00am – 6:30pm
Sunday 8:30am – 6:30pm

Questions about Healing Touch Workshops?