Intuition Development
Home Study Course


  • Learn some different types of visioning and how to get specific, clear information.
  • This is a great foundational chat about intuition and intuition development.  This presentation contains some little discussed anatomical components of visioning that help us think about what is really going on when we tap in to these gifts.   Intuitive information also comes in many forms – not just visual, so we will cover briefly other ways of getting information and using that information.
  • This is fairly advanced material, but presented in a way that beginners or those with curiosity will feel comfortable in the material.

Here’s our agenda:

  • Learn about different ways intuitive information appears.
  • Learn about the physical anatomy of visioning.
  • Learn about using the front and back of the 6th  & 7th Chakras to increase your intuitive abilities.
  • Practice intuitive viewing in a safe environment.

Level: Open to anyone
Prerequisite: None
Cost: $49.97
Instructor: Amelia Vogler – MS, HTCP/I, HT Mentor, Executive Director of the Healing Touch Professional Association

Course is not open at this time

Type: Home Study Course
Format: Self-paced Video and Written Instruction
Location: Online & E-mail

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