Practicing the Sacred

This program is an intended in-depth mentoring program that supports your bringing more depth and range to your holistic practice or your life.  This advanced program is for the established holistic practitioner or the spiritual seeker who uses the hara and chakra systems as a functional base for their healing work.   We start wide and big looking at universal principals and dive in, deep and close to the inner workings of your spiritual  nature as it relates to he natural evolutionary principals of our effulgent nature.

We also will be unfolding in what I would say is THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF THIS WORK – practice.   Practicing our connection to our own sacred conduit through a repetitive program of sound and intitiation. Each class will bring us a deep reminder of our own Divinity and allow us to become close to our own sacredness.  It is through practice and repetition that brings us into harmony and allows us to reference this place in us. 

  • Learn about the Cosmological (or Universal) laws that under pin our being and becoming. Start with how the Universe was created and look into laws of attraction, magnetization, pairing, creating, dissolving, and re-creating.
  • Learn about “How we got here” through religious, spiritual, and scientific frameworks.
  • Discover the Hara energy system – identifying client issues around lack of purpose, heart’s desires, and physical experiences.
  • Learn an advanced 3-part grounding method to help us really “be here” and fully claim the somatic expression of our spiritual essence.
  • Receive a small library of recorded meditations each month to support your unfolding and your deepening into these principals.
  • Become familiar with working with 12 elemental energies and how to use them in client practice or in your own life to support deep earth-based healing Learn about banding method for calling forward protective energies

Level: Open to anyone
Prerequisite: None
Cost: $325
Instructor:  Amelia Vogler – MS, HTCP/I, HT Mentor, Executive Director of the Healing Touch Professional Association

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Practicing the Sacred

Type: Online Teleseminar
Format: Online Teleseminar
Location: Online
Dates: TBD

Tuesday – 07/18
Tuesday – 08/15
Tuesday – 09/19

Times: 5:30pm — 6:45pm Eastern

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