A Masterclass with Grounding & Energy Specialist Amelia Vogler

You are invited to participate in this in-depth 4 Week Masterclass with energy specialist Amelia Vogler, that explores the research, the practice, and the experience of providing energy healing over a distance. You will find your style and understand what works best for you through experiential exercises. And you will leverage scripts, resources, and case studies to feel confident shifting your practice.

Distance Healing has been found across almost every culture and in every period throughout history. It isn’t a new phenomenon. Yet, it extends the already mysterious practice of energy healing into an even more mysterious non-local realm. It can seem more challenging to learn, exercise, and understand because of this added layer of mystery. Amelia has found in her 15+ years of practice that once you have one experience of feeling, sensing, or experiencing the effects of distance healing, it becomes as real as providing in-person healing.

This class is for the energy-based practitioner or anyone interested in learning more about distance healing in general. This Masterclass takes you through the typical parts of a distance healing protocol— starting with the initial consultation and ending with a regular session. This class also provides additional supportive information about distance healing and a bit about the current research in the field.

Why participate?

We are living in a time when our clients are calling out for support, and the primary way that we can reach them is over the space of distance.

Are you interested in learning how to expand your in-person energy-based practice to a distance practice? If so, then you are in the right place. Nurture is non-local, and healing is incredibly effective no matter where you are.

This class is the Masterclass that will fill in the gaps around your curiosity of “how this works,” presenting a tremendous amount of research and studies to help ease the nagging questions of the mind. This class will empower you to find YOUR special way of delivering distancing healing. With in-class practices and supportive coursework, you will leave knowing how to engage new potential clients and how to hold a strong, safe, and healing container for all of your sessions.

What will you discover?

The Research: Covering quantum physics, intention studies, and subjective research studies to help you understand and communicate “how this stuff works.”

The Practice: Learn my secret formulas for a distance initial consultation for potential clients, a formal intake, and the regular session so that you can skip all the time trying to figure out how to put this all into practice and just start working with an ethical, safe online framework.

This includes information on some techy considerations and ethical ones – like informed consent and privacy issues.

The Refinements: Go deeper in your practice by learning a few interventions and practitioner development tools.

This includes tools that you can use help regulate upset, dysregulated or anxious clients; intuition development tools; and self-care practices to keep you healthy in your service.

The Experience: You will have a chance in each of the live classes to practice (and receive) the consultation, an intake, and a short session so that you can leave the class feeling more confident in expanding your practice to distance.

What else will you receive?

  • Lifetime access to the course materials
  • Bridging Hands to Heart Meditation: This meditation walks you through the process of “attuning” your hands to your heart’s energy and activating them before working with others.
  • Sample Invocation and Attunement Process: This process provides a simple way to create a sacred container for you and your client. This container allows for safe boundaries, ease of energetic communication, and where the healing work resides.
  • Free Consultation Script: This script will help you walk through your Free Consultation. This script can help your potential clients understand what you do and how you can help them. It is an excellent way to help new; potential clients feel comfortable in your practice.
  • Techniques for working with clients who are emotionally or mentally activated.
  • Sample Intake Questions for the Energy Practitioner
  • Intuition Development practices: The Color Game and Distant Viewing Support
  • Two recorded Case Studies: New Client Consultation + Regular Session
  • Technology 101 Quick Guide: An Overview of some technology considerations for providing sessions
  • Informed Consent Language: A short discussion on informed consent and some sample lines to add your informed consent for your distance practice
  • Cleansing Meditation: This meditation supports you clearing your field between clients or at the end of the day to support you from burnout.

Distance Healing is also about knowing and trusting that the God within you can love, nurture, and heal across time and space.

Information and Pricing

Distance Healing: $225

Please join Amelia for this Masterclass and seize the opportunity to expand your impact, your love, and your healing to others who are needing you.
*Recorded and recording placed in your online course*

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Class Dates: Oct. 14, 21, 28, Nov 4

Live Class Time: 5:00 – 6:30 PM  Eastern Time

Additional time is taken after class for questions as needed

Where: Zoom (web conferencing) & Online Course

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is for practitioners of energy-based modalities, intuitive practices, or other 1:1 private wellness-based practices. Some examples of these might be Reiki, Healing Touch, Quantum Touch, Sound therapies, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Coaching, Somatic Experiencing, Medical Intuition, Animal Communication, Movement Therapies, Yoga, and many others.

You don’t have to provide sessions over Zoom. There are many other video-based tools that you can choose from or you can use the phone or a surrogate-type model, which will be covered in class.

The class will be taught over Zoom so you will benefit from joining us live and participating, but you don’t have to have a Zoom account to do this.

This class is for beginners and for very advanced practitioners. If you are thinking of starting a practice, then it would be wonderful to include a distance component, especially because with COVID-19 our in-person opportunities are limited and carry a little more risk.   I will be guiding the experiences so that everyone can participate, regardless of experience level or size of your practice.

All of the content is going to be recorded and posted to your online course. You can access it anytime!   You will miss the experience of practicing but that’s OK because you can contact a friend or a colleague and ask them if they might be open to a practice run with some of the content.

You will receive a certificate of attendance that confirms 6 hours of continuing education. You  use these hours towards the general category of your HT Certification or Re-certification.    (These are not “official” CEs.)

No worries a bit!  If you don’t like the class for any reason, let me know by 5pm, September 24th (or after the first live class) and we will refund you in full and remove you from class.

You have lifetime access to this material! You can return to it anytime.

Masterclass Overview

Week 1:  October 14  – Introduction, Research, & Free Consultation Background

Online, Self-Paced (No Live Class)

Support Resources:

  • Free Consultation Script
  • Case Study Recording: Free Consultation
  • 61 Distance Healing Studies by D. J. Benor, MD

This week, you will be sent an e-mail with instructions for accessing the first few lessons of the course.

In the first week, you will learn about the background of distance healing, and a little of the quantum science supporting distance healing. You will review some of the research and have a chance to learn the overview of a healing protocol.

You will also be immersed in the New Client Free Consultation model over distance. You will also be able to listen to a sample consultation case study and review the script. In the next live class, we will review the Free Consultation model, and you will have a chance to practice and receive a consultation from a classmate. Time for questions will be honored.

Week 2:  October 21 – Free Consultation Practice & Listen Energetically & Intakes

Online, Self-Paced & Live Class

Live class meets on zoom: 5:00-6:30pm Eastern (4:00-5:30pm Central, 3:00-4:3opm Mountain, 2:00-3:30pm Pacific)

Support Resources:

  • Remote Viewing Practice
  • Attunement & Invocation Script

This week in class, we will review the Free Consultation, and you will have a chance to practice and ask questions.

Your online coursework focuses on “listening energetically” and developing your intuition. You’ll learn about seven ways of listening energetically and have a chance to try some distant viewing as a practice.

Week 3:  October 28 – Intake Practice & Distance Healing Session Overview

Online, Self-Paced & Live Class

Live class meets on zoom: 5:00-6:30pm Eastern (4:00-5:30pm Central, 3:00-4:3opm Mountain, 2:00-3:30pm Pacific)

Support Resources:

  • SUDS Rating Quick Guide
  • Sample Intake Questions
  • Informed Consent Language
  • Technology 101 Quick Guide

This week in class, we will review the distance viewing practice and experience the “Color Game,” an enjoyable experience that helps you build trust in your intuitive gifts. You will also have time to experience giving a short intake and listening energetically with another student in the class. There will be a time for questions after.

Your online coursework for the week will focus on providing a distance healing session. You’ll learn a few ways to include many different types of distance healing in one sitting. The distance healing and case study session provide an opportunity to hear how a session might go. And it gives you a chance to use your intuition and energy listening skills to listen to the client. You’ll also review different ways to help a client in distress. In our live class, we will review the session and answer any questions that you have going into practice. You will have time to experience giving a short course and learn more about how you best prefer to work.

Week 4:  November 4 – Distance Healing Session Practice

Online, Self-Paced & Live Class

Live class meets on zoom: 5:00-6:30pm Eastern (4:00-5:30pm Central, 3:00-4:3opm Mountain, 2:00-3:30pm Pacific)

Support Resources:

  • Bridging Hands to Heart Meditation
  • Cleansing Meditation
  • Recording of Session Case Study
This week in class, we will review the protocol for providing a regular distance healing session and answer any questions that you have going into the practice. You will have time to experience giving a short course and learn more about how you best prefer to work. It will be recommended that you role play some of the information provided around working with a client who becomes distressed so that you can practice those new skills.
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Amelia rocks. She’s funny. She’s great at what she teaches. And, she’s sensitive in the way that everyone in the class gets something personal from her. She just knew exactly what I was needing during the workshops. She also can articulate difficult and complicated subjects with grace. She’s also so light-hearted and makes you feel so at home with the material, even though it is at times complicated and deeply personal. I feel like I know myself better, and that there are deep parts of me that are better understood (but without judgment, only beautiful curiosity).

Anya M,