Energy Healing Consultations by Email

This offering is such a wonderful way to receive messages and healing without having to come into the office or spending time on the phone. Many people use these when they are in a transition and wishing for additional information.

Rather than speaking over the phone, I will write the information that comes through to support you. There is also an aspect of active healing in these consultations and these gentle energies are brought forward with the intention that all energy is presented to you gently, easily, in alignment with your Highest Good and with no harm to others.

Many times, people respond to me and let me know that as they are reading the messages from Spirit they feel subtle changes in and around their body or that a symptom is easing or that the information was incredibly supportive to help them understand something new about themselves or their life.

You will be prompted to ask me a question and I will sit with your request and reply within 48 hours as long as I am not traveling. I look forward to sitting with your energy and question!

Amelia Vogler

Even though we reviewed this one by phone, when I sat in my chair and listened to your message given for me I truly felt the experience with you. As you shared what I felt, I was actually feeling those things and as my body, spirit and mind were cleared I felt that clearing. I felt something being lifted off of me and removed from my body… something I no longer needed. It was gone and I felt a peacefulness I had not ever experienced. Once you and I talked and I experienced the “letting go” of what held me back, you sent me the actual reading. I am glad I had not read it first but rather experienced what you experienced with you. It was incredible and so uplifting.

You are gifted in so many ways, but this is perhaps your most powerful gift of all. I encourage anyone wanting to “let go of what holds you back”, to ask her to help you… she is very special and can help you as no one else can.

Lynne, MPA, HTCP/HTI, M, CBEC, SCP Director, Cancer Services, Wound Services, Dietitians, Complimentary Therapies, Suffolk, VA

I cannot find the words to adequately thank you for the beautiful reading. I am overwhelmed by the breadth and depth of your response to my question. I feel honored to be the recipient of your special gift. Thank you for the lovely affirmation. I would be interested in having you take me through this reading by phone…My heartfelt thanks and many blessings.

Anne, Charlotte, NC

You may ask me absolutely anything and I will be honored to sit with your request.

The investment for this service is $105.00