Energy Gym

The intention of the Energy Gym is to provide energy healing and education in a low-cost, community model to support your self-care, renewal and freedom in a safe and FUN format.

Energy Gym - Amelia Vogler

No experience is necessary and anyone can participate!

Only love is welcome here. Discrimination of any kind is not tolerated.

Preregistration:  $15  —  $20 at the door

Energy Gym allows me to honor commitments and responsibilities

  • Bring energy medicine into lives and hearts of those who are seeking freedom from stress, anxiety, and illness.
  • Bring energy medicine to all people in a way in which each individual is welcomed and honored without judgement.
  • Bring energy medicine to those who have limited incomes for all people deserve the Great medicine.
  • Bring energy medicine in a way in which there is a return to ritual, to ceremony and in doing this, my prayer is for grounding.
  • Bring energy medicine in a way in which there is fun.

The Energy Gym format includes

  • Cellular healing and energy balancing
  • Cleansing and ritual
  • Space for contemplative thought and inner work
  • Energy information, technique, and practice
  • Integration and grounding
  • A low accessible price point, unrestricted to ‘pay what you can‘
  • A strongly held space where discrimination of any kind is not tolerated

Energy Gym is for you, if

  • You need a break and a little space to restore yourself.
  • You are curious about your energy system.
  • You are a practitioner and want new techniques for your practice (we use an expanded 13 chakra model and dive into advanced topics in an easy format).
  • You want to include an energy medicine practice in your life, but can’t seem to find the funds or the time.
  • You value your self-care but it’s hard to know what to do for yourself.

I will be facilitating; together we will be co-creating this space and time.  All questions and stories are welcomed but at times we may need to take them 1:1 after class to keep the energy held for the group.

Energy Gym – Pittsboro

The Joy of Movement Studio
480 Hillsboro St. – Suite #410

5:45 – 6:50pm

Dates and Topics

May 10 – Healing Intergenerational and Family Issues (9th /10th Chakras and Etheric Mirror)

June 21 – Releasing Cords, Contracts, and Bindings (Fields and Grey Body)

July 12 – Developing Vision and Intuition (6th Chakra and Blended Senses)

August 16 – Cleansing Physical Toxins and Unwanted Microbes (8th Chakra & Elementals)

September – No gym this month due to personal travel

October 18 – Protection from the Dark (Hara and Etheric Mirror) Cancelled due to Chatham County Event being held in the studio.  Come check out the Durham, NC event this month!

November 08 – Finding Places of Inner Refuge (Hara and 12th Chakra)

December 13 – Manifesting your Dreams (11th Chakra and 13th Chakra – Celestial Wishing Tree)

Energy Gym – Durham

Living Arts Collective Studio
410 W. Geer St.

5:45 – 6:50pm

Dates and Topics

October 17 – Healing Intergenerational and Family Issues (9th/10th Chakras and Etheric Mirror)

November 21  – Releasing Cords, Contracts, and Bindings  (Fields and Grey Body)

December 19 –  Manifesting your dreams (11th Chakra and 13th Chakra – Celestial Wishing Tree)