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Free Monthly Group Healing  (Online)

I have been called to hold a sacred container for anyone who is needing healing, support, and for anyone who wishes to be loved and cared for.

You are lovingly invited to join me. 

In addition to focusing on the healing requests of the group, I have been asked to lead a short gratitude ceremony for our planet and all of the spirits and beings that so selflessly support our evolution.

After registering, you may submit a personal request for healing. Your request will be held with respect and in anonymity.

Register to receive the call in information before each of these calls.

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February Group Healing:  Living Mystery

Tuesday February 27
6:00pm Eastern

30 Minutes


Inspiration: How we are empowered by the great mystery as it unfolds in us.


March Group Healing:  Magical Home in Your Body

Tuesday March 27
6:00pm Eastern

30 Minutes


Inspiration: Listening to the affirmations of the body



Group Healing Recordings: 

Just a quick note about these recordings… they aren’t professionally recorded so the sound quality leaves a bit to be desired… but, they are useful… 

Meeting your Spiritual Allies (guides / helpers)

Prior to listening to this meditation, please ground and center yourself by taking deep and cleansing breaths into your body.  It begins a little abruptly because it is taken from a longer talk.  Inhaling bringing Spirit into the body as breath, Exhaling that which no longer serves… Bringing your attention to your feet and growing your etheric roots into Mother Earth….