Free Healing Requests

I wish that anyone who is in need of healing, support, and love can receive it at no cost. I have a very specific and simple altar that holds the wishes, dreams, and desires for wellness and life available for you.

Each day, I visit my home altar and pray for those who are needing support.

If you leave a specific request, that request for healing will be honored.

Your name will go in a small glass seashell, next to a large glass sea shell that is filled with water. The large shell represents the ocean, the grandmother, the nurture and love that all is right. The water links it to the tides and the moon. The small shell holds papers with names as if they are floating in the ocean. In with the paper is a piece of my dog’s hair (true love and loyalty) and a piece of cedar (which is the great fire starter). Next to these burns a candle to add the fire of the sun and the smoke that carries your name to Spirit with intention for healing or that your wishes are made manifest in this world. About four times a year, I go to the ocean and I take these prayerful intentions to the grandmother herself, to allow your request to be held by the great tides and great waters that be.

I take this practice seriously and from my heart.   May you know that you are loved.

Amelia Vogler