Benefits of Amelia’s Secret Grounding Circle™

This is your go-to energetic resource library in support of your Spiritual search and your homecoming to wholeness…

This secret portal is for the seeker who wishes to deepen their journey with education, inspiration, and personal nurture from Amelia. Here you can find everything that you need to supplement your journey to wholeness and energetic excellence.

Join Amelia’s Grounding Circle, where she gives you everything that she can to help support you in your grounding, health, wellness, and spiritual potential.

  • Monthly Energy Forecast
  • Open Healing Hours with Amelia – Ask anything about anything
  • Custom Meditation Monthly
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Discounts on my workshops and classes (Does not include workshops for other teachers)
  • Exclusive access to my Energy Magazine© Interviews
  • Energy Musings, Meditations, and Affirmations
  • Energy Techniques
  • Inspirational content
  • Content regularly added…

Information and Pricing

Grounding Circle: $12/month

You have access to a secret portal that houses everything in an easy to find system. This is your private home for all things energy.

Date:  Ongoing

Investment: $12/ Month

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Amelia’s heart and skill for healing is boundless. Her knowledge base about energy healing is vast–and even more powerful–is the accuracy and compassion she brings to every session, class, and endeavor. I’ve not met anyone with her precision of truth and energy medicine expertise. It’s been my good fortune to share time with her and be on the receiving end of her blessed gifts.

Cyndi DaleCyndi Dale, author of 26 bestselling energy medicine books, including The Subtle Body series.