Grounding the Hara - with Grounding and Energy Specialist, Amelia Vogler
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On November 10, 2022 Grounding and Energy Medicine Specialist, Amelia Vogler, shared an experiential and educational immersion on the vast healing potential of your human energy system.

In this talk, you will learn…

  • An introduction to the theoretical and classical background of the Hara dimension
  • Why I call this the system of “being and becoming”
  • The benefits of being grounded in your Hara
  • Your energetic origin story
  • A meridian point to support bringing your Hara energy into your everyday life
  • The primary three Hara points (or nodes)
  • A little about the upcoming Hara course

And, you will be taken through a Hara anchoring exercise to balance your essential connection to your soul’s architecture and your Spiritual purpose.