What’s New in Hara November 2022

Dear student of light and life,
Thank you for being a part of the first “test-run” Hara course earlier this year. After designing and writing a class, it’s after I teach it, hear it, observe the energy and take in the questions is when I know where the holes are.
Because of the content’s complex nature, you will find many improvements to the curriculum (and the way it is taught).

I want to continue to extend my $50 retake option for you, which helps to cover the administrative and technology expenses, so if reading through, this seems like a great class for you, please join us.

Without further ado, I’ll leave the lists of updates to the course below and hope you continue to anchor your Hara often and see the benefits of renewed energy, increased manifesting power, and a connection to your soul’s home and the awakening of your intuition.

Sending all my love,

Course Updates

  • Improved videos for Hara Hygiene (as promised)
  • Deepening the educational content around the use of Hara Hygiene
  • Removal of Resourcing Technique.  (I am adding this technique to Hara Level 1 – which is the first of the practitioner focused classes along with a deeper explanation of the technique, resourcing, the imaginal realm, and more practice.)
  • NEW: Adding a self-healing method using the sacred personalized symbols of the Individuation Point.
  • NEW:  Adding a a breakout group to channel the personalized sacred symbols for others.
  • NEW: Adding an in class practice to discover your personalized sacred symbols.
  • A stronger discussion of energetic memory and how it functions in the hara and our healing.
  • NEW: An introduction to attachment theory as related to the Hara and the energetic field expression of these types of attachments.
  • A more clear lecture on the “Architecture of all things.”
  • Updated handouts including new ones for the attachment styles.
  • NEW: Added a Hara Self-Assessment practice.
  • The Dantians will be explored more deeply in Hara Level 1, but a stronger introduction will be included in this course.

Need a little more context class?

I was also empathetic to those who came to this class without knowledge (or limited knowledge) of the human energy system.

In future classes, I am requiring a prerequisite of Healing Touch Level 1, the first Reiki attunement, an active energy medicine practice, or my online Foundations of Energy Medicine course (which I have placed on a deep discount for anyone wishing to take this course).

If you wish to take this Foundation course to prepare for the fall Hara class, I want to offer that as well for you.

Don’t think you’ll have time to retake it?

As a busy person who prefers to be in nature to a computer screen, I get it!  I’m going to work with Holly to identify the sections of the class that have changed and we will send you an e-mail helping you find the time stamps in the lectures with the new information. They might not be to the second, but we’ll certainly get you a list so that you are able to pick and choose.

If I want to take the practitioner classes, do I need to retake this?

I will review some of the material in the practitioner class, but I do feel like hearing the original lectures in full or practicing the new technique (which will not be repeated) will be important.  I would highly encourage you to listen to the new material in the updated class, but certainly leave that decision up to you.

Prerequisite Requirements

Prerequisites:  Healing Touch Level 1,  Reiki 1, Cyndi Dale Apprenticeship, a current practice of energy medicine, or my Foundations of Energy Medicine course.

The Hara dimension is the most foundational system of your human energy system.  For you to receive the most out of this class, it is important that you have a working understanding of the chakra system and the channels of energy that run through the body known as the meridians and the nadis.

If you feel as though a refresher would be appropriate for you, I am offering my Foundations of Energy Medicine course at $79.00 (regularly $225).

Have questions? Write to us at Holly@voglerinstitute.com.

Class Details

Foundations of Hara

The System of Being and Belonging

Dates and Times

Orientation Dates/Times:

Online course opens November 21 with Welcome and Background lessons

Tech Orientation Call November 22 at 12pm Eastern Time (Optional)

Live Class Dates/Times:

November 28, December 5, 12, 19
@ 12:00-1:30pm Eastern
(5-6:30pm London, 9-10:30am Pacific)

All classes held on Zoom (web conferencing) & Recording placed in online course

Experiential Material:

You will receive experiential materials to deepen your learning experience between live classes.