Healing Touch Mentoring, Amelia Vogler Durham NCHealing Touch Mentoring

Mentoring is much different than just talking or general support – it is direct-focused work specifically around your questions, challenges, and needs and is tailored to your unique Healing Touch Program journey.

Because of my success and positive impact in this area, I was hired as the Executive Director of the Healing Touch Professional Association to help create meaningful holistic professional development programs worldwide.
I am also trained as a Healing Touch Program Mentor (through the mentoring course) and can help with your 100 documented sessions, modality reports, book reflections, case study, and community projects. We have monthly mentoring support calls, in addition to 1:1 calls and also utilize a web meeting space that allows us to screen share and have meeting as if we are sitting in the same room! I hear from my mentees, “I picked you because I knew you could take me to the next level.”

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Read Amelia’s Article in Energy Magazine.

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Read Amelia’s Article in Energy Magazine.

There are two ways to get started:


I am available to you for one on one mentoring through e-mail, phone, Skype, or in-person (if you live or are visiting central North Carolina) and can act as a consultant to you and support you on this journey to help you deepen your personal Healing Touch practice.

Group Mentoring

I am beginning a group-mentoring program that is less expensive. We meet monthly through a web platform to discuss practice issues and your homework between Level 4-5. In the group-mentoring program, you always have access to me to fully support your journey and you also have the benefit of co-creating your mentorship with a shared group with a variety of practice types, issues, and personal stories.

Mentoring for the Healing Touch Program requires additional conversations, please contact me to discuss getting started.