Amelia’s Personal Story

I grew up around my father’s family funeral home and that experience allowed me to cultivate a rich and unusual relationship with the human spirit.

I saw and experienced ‘energy work’ as a young child, but not under that name. At times, when I was at my father’s office, I would watch him place his hand on the back of someone’s heart and hold them in a heart-centered and caring way – communicating to them that “he was there to help them and that things were going to be ok”. I watched the soothing and softening that came over his client. I watched a visible quieting and comfort that was brought forward as he held these clients carefully and with heart-centered intent.

Just as many children, Dad occasionally picked me up from school and took us over to his office so that he could finish up something at the end of the day. There, I saw a tremendous amount of people who were not alive and I compared them to “us” – those of us who are very much alive. I looked into what the difference was – and created a lifelong inquiry into understanding those things that define our aliveness and our spirit.

The funeral home has been our family for over 250 years – so, in addition to living through this rich educational canvas, I believe that there is also a genetic and energetic sensitivity that has been passed down from generation to generation (for 8 generations) in my family. I watch my brother carry the same sensitivity for caretaking over the grieving like my father, and watch my sister and her deep and intrinsic gifts with small children and babies. Seeing how this energetic sensitivity has unfolded, I know deeply that my roots in this work are no accident.

My mother has her own contributions to my story as a healer – specifically around my sensitivity to sound/tone and my love of the earth and plants; and my deep knowing of how to give to others and also stay centered with strong boundaries. My mother learned to play 24 instruments – including the harp, which was one of her favorites. I remember as a child her singing at the piano and the little places of my heart that would come alive around her voice and her music. She later went back to school and opened a hybrid Rhododendron nursery and bred beautiful new plants in lath houses on the farm on which I grew up. Those flowers had become such a rich fabric to my childhood – the intrigue of watching their cycles and the patience of assisting in their care.

Energetic “Personal” Story

I was introduced to the clinical aspects of the energy work through an indirect treatment of debilitating and consistent migraine headaches. When I was first introduced to energy medicine, I was working on a very high-performing team at a Fortune 500 company and I was exhausted, burned out, and empty feeling. A friend pointed me to a Healing Touch practitioner, whom I began working with bi-weekly.

Delighted by the soothing, I consistently sought energy therapy as a way to mitigate my life stress. And, then, a few months into it, I realized that I hadn’t been to the hospital for a migraine. And then half a year passed.

And then a year, and, now, it has been almost 12 years with no migraines. And in addition to being migraine free, I found my first beloved Healing Touch mentor and friend. She was a nurse, who helped me understand the energy aspects of the organs and supported me as I better learned the physical aspects of our physiology and anatomy.

Following my internal compass, I shifted out of a story with Corporate America, and created (or re-created) my story to become one that contains chapters of deep personal Spiritual work; of a comprehensive study of anatomy and physiology, energy theory, practice; and finally to include the opening of my clinical Energy work private practice – The Healing Space.

My Beliefs About Energy Medicine

I believe that healing and wellness happen on many levels: emotional, physical, spiritual, and energetic; and by supporting all of these levels, anyone can achieve a higher state of health, with increased vitality, and can feel a deeper resonance of happiness and fullness.

I have a very deep relationship with the work done in each of our sessions and believe wholeheartedly in the power of finding harmony with one’s life path, with the physical body, and also the community. I believe that as we learn to know balance and harmony, our physical self, spiritual Self, and emotional self improves.

I also am a deep lover of anatomy and physiology, and delight in exploring the relationship between optimal physical health, cellular intelligence, and energetic support. A few of my internships have had a focus on epigenetic healing – or ancestral healing and also some of the newest theories around isms – like alcoholism, narcissism, and also allergy support.

By informing and healing at the cellular level energetically, I believe that you can find and restore your physical balance, peace of mind and spirit, and health. I extend this methodology to support various illnesses and disease patterns, cancer treatment support, pain management, self-esteem work, and stress reduction.

In the psycho-spiritual realm, I believe that when energies are cleared that no longer serve, we can begin to explore and get to know those energies that DO serve and are resonant with ourselves – and thus uncover their greatest potential. I believe that the most beautiful effects of this work are when we get to take the gift that is our Self out into the community, strengthen our collective, and inspire others to do the same.

All of these aspects of energy therapy, I believe, are a way that we “go deeper” with ourselves. I love this phrase, because “going deeper” helps us to know best what to keep in our life and what to let go of. I believe that this journey isn’t always about identifying those things that aren’t serving but finding new ways of attracting what does – whether these are physical experiences, emotional patterns, mental beliefs, new relationships, and/or benevolent Spiritual energies.