Journey of the Mystic™ Energetic Mentoring Program - Amelia Vogler

“This course is a thrill. With exciting new information around every corner, it is for the avid seeker, the most curious one you know, looking for all of the answers. Amelia will reward you for journeying with her. She soars at about 33,000 feet with both feet submerged in the earth as a dedicated, profoundly empathetic scholar and spiritual leader.” – 2020 Journey Participant


Journey of the Mystic
with Grounding & Energy Medicine Specialist Amelia Vogler

January 14, 2021 – June 24, 2021

Experience a fun and experiential sacred journey that leads you through the passageways of your beauty, your wisdom, and your light.
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“Journeys bring power and love back into you. If you can’t go somewhere, move in the passageways of the self. They are like shafts of light, always changing, and you change when you explore them.”  ~Rumi

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FREE WEBINAR:  Sacred Keys to Your Spiritual Quest

Join Amelia for one of her teaching ceremonies and discover the Spiritual grounding that you will come back to repeatedly regardless of how deep, complete, or “advanced” your practice. Teaching ceremonies are an immersive, sacred transmission of education and experience.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020 • 5:00 – 6:00pm EST

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FREE Webinar with Amelia Vogler: Sacred Keys to Your Spiritual Quest

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In this webinar, you will discover:

  • You will learn one of Amelia’s most sacred Spiritual anchors and the primary anchor for our journey.
  • The Seven Breaths Meditation is a means of practicing true, intentional partnership with your soul’s voice. This process allows you to cultivate an interactive relationship with your inner Spiritual voice
  • Breath Poetry is an embodied ritual that bridges the poetry of Spirit into the breath and moves the energy of beauty, inspiration, and Divine love through your body.
  • Explore the map of our 2021 Journey of the Mystic. This includes the the meditations, the activations,  practices, the rituals, the ancient cornerstone teachings of the Light.

Webinar will be recorded and distributed to all participants.

Journey of the Mystic Details

Journey Overview

Oh, beloved journeyer! The time has come to start readying the heart and Spirit for our new 2021 journey! This is one of the most amazing courses that I teach. Individuals say the classes feel like sitting in ceremony together; that the sacred nature of the space is both healing and inspiring. And after the candle is extinguished after class,  the material takes new shapes into the forms of rituals, meditations, energetic activations, videos, and imagery.  In a loving way, the material begins to befriend you and travel along with you through your life.

I designed this course for the BUSY individual who loves to learn, to explore, and to think about life, about beauty, about love, and about light.   Tired of the traditional way of teaching, where the teacher is blah-blah-blahing to you for an hour, I have reclaimed the classroom of life and designed a course that lives along with you.

  • Six Month Program:  January – June (with optional in-person ceremony)
  • Second & Fourth Thursdays, 6:00 – 7:30pm EST
  • Includes a FREE Foundations of Energy Medicine Course ($225 Value)

Our Journey includes:

  • 2 Live Teaching Ceremonies/Classes per Month:
    • Live mystical teaching, initiation, and transmission class
    • Live energetic technique class to expand your hands-on practice for your self-care or for working with clients
  • 20 Energetic activations to imprint your energy system with the teachings and expand your spiritual potential
  • 16 Guided meditations to deepen your ongoing journey within your inner landscape
  • 16 Home rituals and ceremonies that build the bridges from every day to every day sacred
  • Creative (and fun) exercises of mindfulness practice
  • Small group discussions to widen your perspective and explore through sharing
  • Secret Facebook Community to share, to deepen, and to grow.
  • Love, caring, and support from Amelia
  • If needed, dedicated technical support

Each month, at surprising intentional times, you will receive handouts, exercises, techniques, or self-care rituals to expand the teachings and grow your awareness of the “body beyond your body” and your “Spirit within your spirit.

The materials between classes – the recordings, exercises, techniques, and rituals are concise – sometimes a short passage to read, sometimes just a picture, a soul-searching prompt, or a very brief video to help you open you to the unseen.

Thought-provoking emails will sometimes greet you first thing in the morning or drop in at unusual and surprising times. And rituals appear into your everyday commitments, and resources make themselves known in the natural world.

This journey is the journey that you are walking but with a mirror to the unseen world living along side of you.

Registration and Payment Options

Earliest Bird Registration – $565
(ends December 1, 2020)

Foundations of Energy Medicine

Freely offered as your gift with Journey of the Mystic
($225 value!)

The Foundations of Energy Medicine Course includes a introduction of:

  • The human energy system (meridians, chakras, hara, and core star)
  • 12 major chakras
  • Energetic boundaries using the two inner and outer wheels of the chakras
  • 3 cornerstone techniques of working with Spiritual Light

The intention of this offering is to allow each participant on the journey a shared language and confidence moving into the techniques.  

Fewer Payments

  • two payments – save $579!
  • (limited time only)

Best Value

  • regular price: $1165 – save $600!
  • (limited time only)

Low Monthly Payments

  • three payments – save $565!
  • (limited time only)
Amelia radiates. Yes, she radiates. That is how bright her light is. I often felt as if she were sitting right beside me as I listened to the recorded lessons and meditations. This journey with Amelia was magical for me, and I am beyond grateful for her loving guidance and teachings. Her knowledge is vast, her words are understandable and melodic, and her honesty and compassion are palpable. Her gift of holding sacred space for us all, even with a recording, is powerful. I felt so loved and nurtured on this journey. My gratitude abounds for Amelia and this journey.
2019 Journeyer Participant

I love the way this class just unfolds with your life.  It twists and turns and feels like you are truly on a journey.  The content in bite-sized units really appealed to me. I could take the teachings into my life and really sit and work with them.

2020 Journey Participant
In mysticism that love of truth which we saw as the beginning of all philosophy leaves the merely intellectual sphere, and takes on the assured aspect of a personal passion. Where the philosopher guesses and argues, the mystic lives and looks; and speaks, consequently, the disconcerting language of first-hand experience, not the neat dialectic of the schools. Hence whilst the Absolute of the metaphysicians remains a diagram —impersonal and unattainable—the Absolute of the mystics is lovable, attainable, alive.
Evelyn Underhill

Theoretical & Scientific Framework

Throughout the course you will be introduced to the following concepts either through guided instruction or self-study.

  • Triangle of Manifestation
  • Scientific Basis for the Triangle of Discovery and Evolution
  • Survey of Relevant Quantum Physics /Quantum Mechanics
  • Art and the Evolution of Consciousness
  • The Nueroscience of Positive Change

Month 1 Calls:

Live Call 1 –  January 14 2021   – Teaching & Small Group Discussion

Live Call 2 –  January 28, 2021   – Technique, Activation & Practice


  • Creating Sacred Container
  • Channeling your Personal Mandala


  • Grounding the Divine Family
  • The Threefold God Within

Energy-based Activations:

  • Activating Divine Power
  • Activating Divine Love
  • Activating Divine Wisdom

Energy Technique & Practice:

  • Affirming the Divine Container
  • Healing with the Violet Flame

Understanding the Grounded Mystic; Time-honored principals regarding the body’s relationship to the soul; Working with the Violet Flame

Weekly practice, inspiration, and/or activations.

In month 1, you will also be invited to an optional technology orientation to help you navigate the course with ease.

“I loved the Journey of the Mystic course because Amelia provided a great deal of information and many beautiful experiences that have helped to deepen my spirituality. Amelia is a beautiful soul who is so happy to share her deep knowledge and spiritual experiences in a very articulate, humble, and loving way. I strongly recommend this course to those who are wanting to extend and deepen their spirituality.”  —2020 Journeyer Participant


Month 2 Calls:

Live Call 1 –  February 11 2021   – Teaching & Small Group Discussion

Live Call 2 –  February 25, 2021   – Technique, Activation & Practice


  • Affirming the Divine
  • Spheres of Personal Boundaries
  • Island Altar (Based on the Inward Sea by Howard Thurman)
  • Discovering your Sacred Service


  • Riding the Waves of Many Dimensions
  • Meet your Gatekeeper Spirit
  • Affirming the Divine

Seven Energy-Based Activations:

  • Grounding & Activating the Wisdom of your Body
  • Grounding & Activating the Wisdom of your Feelings
  • Grounding & Activating the Wisdom of your Mind
  • Grounding & Activating the Wisdom of your Heart
  • Grounding & Activating the Wisdom of your Voice
  • Grounding & Activating the Wisdom of your Dreams
  • Grounding & Activating the Wisdom of your Divine Knowing

Energy Technique & Practice:

  • Healing with Interdimensional Energies

Sourcing & Protection (learning to listen/knowing when things go awry); Meeting your mystical Gatekeeper); Seeing beyond sight; Grounding through Multiple Dimensions.

Weekly practice, inspiration, and/or activations.

“I have so much gratitude for this journey. It awakened in me a connection to my Spirit, to my life, and the wonder. I will never look at the World in the same way. Everything is magical.  —2020 Journeyer Participant


Month 3 Calls:

Live Call 1 –  March 11, 2021   – Teaching & Small Group Discussion

Live Call 2 –  March 25, 2021   – Technique, Activation & Practice



  • Color Healing for Self
  • Writing Seed Thoughts
  • Creating Your individualized Healing Meditation


  • Seven Breath’s Meditation
  • Seven Breath’s Meditation with Color
  • Meditation to Remove Negativity

Three Energy-based Activations:

  • Expanding Your Soul Nature
  • Expanding Your Human Nature
  • Expanding Your Animal Nature

Energy Technique & Practice:

  • Lighting your Spiritual Pilot Light

Meditation (architecture, purpose, alignments, seed thought); Meeting your Soul Nature, Human Nature, and Animal Natures; Working with the Colors of the World

Weekly practice, inspiration, and/or activations.

“I highly recommend Amelia’s Journey of the Mystic Course. Throughout the course, the communication shared was not only abundant but thorough, clear, concise, and always relevant to the topic covered. I looked forward to every email received. Amelia’s gift in writing and her heartfelt words will touch your soul; her communication is amazing. There are many beautiful meditations shared as well as inspiring articles. Amelia covers processes and rituals to enhance your teaching and learning. The tools, exercises, tip, meditations, activations, journal prompts, and class presentations provide abundant resources and information.” —2020 Journeyer Participant


Month 4 Calls:

Live Call 1 –  April 8,  2021   – Teaching & Small Group Discussion

Live Call 2 –  April 22, 2021   – Technique, Activation & Practice


  • Discovering Spiritual Light
  • Soul Therapy


  • I Am Soul
  • Embodying the Colors of the Rays
  • Grounding the Soul

Seven Energy Activations:

  • Activating Cosmic Power
  • Activating Cosmic Love
  • Activating Cosmic Intelligence
  • Activating Cosmic Harmony
  • Activating Cosmic Equation
  • Activating Cosmic Ideation
  • Activating Cosmic Order

Energy Technique & Practice:

  • Archetypal Healing with the 7 Rays

Electromagnetic & Fractal Nature of the Soul; Architecture of the Planetary Consciousness and Universe;  the Mind & Consciousness; Seven Rays of Spiritual Development and the Seven Rays of Light.

Weekly practice, inspiration, and/or activations.

“I have so much gratitude for Amelia and her gifts. Her sharing and teaching, and gentle insight of healing go above and beyond. In Amelia’s class, she helps us dig deep to connect with ourselves and our special connections to spirit and the Universe and to grow the light from within.” —2020 Journeyer Participant


Month 5 Calls:

Live Call 1 –  May 13, 2021   – Teaching & Small Group Discussion

Live Call 2 –  May 27, 2021   – Technique, Activation & Practice


  • Clearing your energy system with Sunlight
  • Balancing your energy system with Moonlight
  • Working with the Wind
  • Kitchen Rattle


  • Soul Anchoring Meditation (Hara)
  • Befriending the Elemental of Fire
  • Befriending the Element of Air
  • Befriending the Elemental of Water
  • Befriending the Elemental of Earth
  • Befriending the Elemental of Sound
  • Meeting your Animal Spirit Guide

Energy Activation:

  • Opening to the Earth Wisdoms (10th Chakra)

Energy Technique & Practice:

  • Healing with the Elements

Embodiment of the Soul; Role of Consciousness, Divine Purpose and the Hara; The Myth of Past Lives; Living the Earth & Grounding the Shamanic

Weekly surprise practices and inspiration…

“I loved the Journey of the Mystic course because Amelia provided a great deal of information and many beautiful experiences that have helped to deepen my spirituality. Amelia is a beautiful soul who is so happy to share her deep knowledge and spiritual experiences in a very articulate, humble, and loving way. I strongly recommend this course to those who are wanting to extend and deepen their spirituality.” —2020 Journeyer Participant


Month 6 Calls:

Live Call 1 –  June 10, 2021   – Teaching & Small Group Discussion

Live Call 2 –  June 24, 2021   – Technique, Activation & Practice



  • Invoking the Good
  • Fixtures of Well-being
  • Purifying your Spiritual Requests


  • Meeting your Healing Team
  • Grounding your Spiritual Light
  • Blessings on your Journey

Two Energy Activations:

  • Clearing the Inner Wheel of the Chakras
  • Clearing the Outer Wheel of the Chakras

Energy Technique & Practice:

  • Embodied Capacity of Contentment

Energy Anatomy of your Boundaries; How to Create Spiritual Lessons; Meeting your Healing Team; Purification and Healing

Weekly surprise practices and inspiration…

“Um. Wow. Just, wow. I did not want this journey to end. I learned so much about myself. I learned about my Spiritual nature, about my soul, and about the World in which I live. I have new eyes – awakened to a beauty that I was not expecting. Thank you so much, Amelia, for being a true Spiritual teacher and guiding me on this journey. I am forever changed for the better. I cannot wait until the next one.” —2020 Journeyer Participant


Month 7:

Optional Gathering – TBD

  • Location: Chapel Hill (or surrounding areas)
  • Format: Live in-person

Final Celebration and closing ceremony. It is my hope that many of you would like to meet together for a weekend in North Carolina; however, I understand that the cost of transportation and the event fees may be prohibitive. Around Month 4, we will evaluate the costs and interest and provide additional information. (This is not included in the fee of the program.)

“I loved our time together and our awesome meditations. The celebration weekend was magical. I only wish (as all) we could have been together in North Carolina! But again, another time in our new world that is birthing right now.”  —2020 Journeyer Participant