Journey Group Final Survey


Thank you so much for traveling these last five weeks with me. For stepping into the unknown, for stretching yourself, for being vulnerable, for staying open – even when the energy maybe took you places that you didn’t expect.   I believe that it is when we live from our presence we are open to the mystery and in that mystery there is a conversation that happens that begins to shift our reality.

As we sunset our time together, I want to impress upon you the core teaching of this journey – to come from your heart and bring your presence to the world. YOU are everything that you are looking for and when you show up from the deep truth of who you are, you create the reality of your dreams.

I would be so incredible grateful if you might share a few comments with me about how I can continue to improve this journey and what you might tell someone new who is thinking of joining the next one.

Would you be so kind to take this survey for me?


In the last class, beautiful words were spoken, would you be willing to have some of those words offered to others? (No video, no name, completely anonymous)(Required)