For the Journey of the Mystic Family…

As a thank you and also because I adore you and would love to have you join me again for the Mystic or Healer Journeys, I have these secret offerings for you. They will stay up through September 2020, at which point registration will go up. If you are not in this program, the Early Bird rates are a bit more expensive.

In addition to these two offerings below, everyone also receives the Foundations of Energy Medicine eCourse ($295) FREE with these Journey’s to help give you a stronger foundation. That course is aimed to be complete by the Fall of this year.

The following offerings will be available through September. I will send you a few reminders, but promise not to bother you.

There are only 50 spots in each Journey at these rates.

$280.00Add to cart

This includes 2 calls a month, the first is a teaching of a technique or a concept and the second is a group healing call for practice and also to receive healing.

8 Month Journey

Early Bird Rate for Public:

Journey of the Healer – $380

$90.00Add to cart

This includes new meditations, new activations, additional rituals and new iterations on the same teachings.

6 Month Journey

Early Bird Rate for Public:

Journey of the Mystic – $525

Sparkle on the Sea Spring 2022

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Sparkle on the Sea Spring 2022