Tendrils and Resolutions – Part 1: The Dream

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Tendrils and Resolutions – Part 1: The Dream

Part 1:  The Dream

I asked for a dream this morning for this year, something to share with you and also to take into my own personal work as I wake into the morning of this first day.  The dream that came to me was of a small vine with many leaves and tendrils spiraling off it.  My first conscious thought was “Oh, how totally cool! We can grow into so many new directions and create so many new flowers” and the dream continued….    The vine spiraled into closer focus, where I saw a spiraled tendril securely holding a branch. “Oh, it is about anchoring,” I thought, and the dream continued…  I became the tendril holding the branch, and I felt how I was strong in my choosing to hold tightly.  I realized it was not the branch that held me, but that I held the branch.  I realized that I chose this branch, and the last one and the last one as my field of vision expanded back to seeing the full vine held by my own roots deep in the earth. 

In us are strong roots, born of the seed that holds the wisdom of our way of loving and our gifts of service – our laugh, our way with humor, our way with caring for each other and our animals, our way of serving our community and the Earth.

From our roots, we spiral towards the light to grow, first shoot into the sunlight which finds our way to a place of anchor, so that we may understand who we are held in this moment, and find resolve and resolution.   Then the conditions change and we are invited to grow more to the light and stretch ourselves with courage that we will find the next sturdy place of scaffolding to receive the next opportunity for growth.

This dream was as teaching about the power of resolution…



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