Distance Healing Masterclass - Amelia Vogler

A Masterclass with Grounding & Energy Specialist Amelia Vogler

You are invited to participate in this in-depth, 4-Week Masterclass with energy specialist Amelia Vogler. Explore the research, the practice, and the experience of providing energy healing over a distance.

Distance Healing has been found across almost every culture and in every period throughout history. It isn’t a new phenomenon. Yet, it extends the already mysterious practice of energy healing into an even more mysterious non-local realm. It can seem more challenging to learn, exercise, and understand because of this added layer of mystery. Amelia has found in her 15+ years of practice that once you have one experience of feeling, sensing, or experiencing the effects of distance healing, it becomes as real as providing in-person healing.

This class is for the energy-based practitioner or anyone interested in learning more about distance healing in general. You will find your style and understand what works best for you through experiential exercises. And you will leverage scripts, resources, and case studies to feel confident shifting your practice. This Masterclass takes you through the typical parts of a distance healing protocol— starting with the initial consultation and ending with a regular session. This class also provides additional supportive information about distance healing and a bit about the current research in the field.

What else will you receive?

  • Lifetime access to the course materials
  • Bridging Hands to Heart Meditation: This meditation walks you through the process of “attuning” your hands to your heart’s energy and activating them before working with others.
  • Sample Invocation and Attunement Process: This process provides a simple way to create a sacred container for you and your client. This container allows for safe boundaries, ease of energetic communication, and where the healing work resides.
  • Free Consultation Script: This script will help you walk through your Free Consultation. This script can help your potential clients understand what you do and how you can help them. It is an excellent way to help new; potential clients feel comfortable in your practice.
  • Techniques for working with clients who are emotionally or mentally activated.
  • Sample Intake Questions for the Energy Practitioner
  • Intuition Development practices: The Color Game and Distant Viewing Support
  • Two recorded Case Studies: New Client Consultation + Regular Session
  • Technology 101 Quick Guide: An Overview of some technology considerations for providing sessions
  • Informed Consent Language: A short discussion on informed consent and some sample lines to add your informed consent for your distance practice
  • Cleansing Meditation: This meditation supports you clearing your field between clients or at the end of the day to support you from burnout.

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