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Meditations are guided journeys that take you into a place where you can open to new energies. These new energies are the bridges that allow you to walk into new and deeper relationships with your Spirit and your truest nature. Often they will bring you into a state of calm and help you command your power and your boundaries.

Often my meditations have some elemental (or nature-based) component so that you can meet the emissaries of healing of our beautiful Gaia, Mother Earth. As you call these elemental energies into your own energy system, you reconnect yourself with aspects of your unique connection to this planet – which reverberates into your life, your work, your health, and your whimsical Spirit.

These meditations are intended to support you as you continue your practice of looking inward and discovering new dimensions of yourself. What is hiding there is more love that you are and I hold the vision of you in your bigness and in your fullness.

At this moment, I am currently writing and recording new meditations; My intention is to have them complete by the beginning of 2019.

May this meditation ground and inspire you.


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