Benefits of Joining the Collaborative

Are you looking to start a new healing arts practice? Are you wishing to be well-grounded or remain grounded in an existing one? Would you like to be part of an interactive group and receive expert mentoring and collective support that helps you and your business?

Plain and simple, we are stronger together. We can be stronger healers, stronger writers, and limitless creators. We can take more calculated risks. The like-minded benefits of a supportive team sharing ideas and experiences are truly endless.

For the last five years, Amelia’s time has been split between this private practice and my consulting role as the Executive Director of the Healing Touch Professional part of the Healing Touch Program, the Worldwide Leaders in Energy Medicine. She defined and implemented the overall strategy for guiding thousands of healers worldwide to ground and expand their practices in this role.  This was through connecting the right resources at the right time and offering individual consultation.

Part of growing our light is learning how to share our light.  The refinement of this sharing in a professional, ethical, and heart-centered way is the intention of this collaborative.

Guided by Grounding and Energy Medicine Specialist Amelia Vogler, this affordable monthly interactive mastermind collaborative supports healers of all disciplines to be the most effective, grounded healing practitioners they can be.

In our monthly live call, we will always start with personal healing first – because we have to take care of ourselves and often I share new techniques and opportunities for deeper intuition development; followed by grounding practices and energetic processes, and then we will move into client support, practice support, writing support, help-you-bring-through-offerings and design classes support.
All of this in support of expanding your practice through the following:
  • Personal Healing
  • Client Support / Case Study Analysis
  • Energy Anatomy Education
  • Energetic Technique
  • Ethics & Practitioner Training
  • Technology Consulting
  • Creative Consulting
  • Website/ Marketing Design & Review
  • Writing/Communication Support
Helpful and supportive quarterly Q&A Calls, Meditations, Interviews, Breakouts and Practices are also included.

You will find these and other Spiritual Resources in the library:

  • Live Call Recordings
  • Self-Care Meditations
  • Interviews with thought leaders in the field of Energy Medicine
  • Discounts on select classes with Amelia

Bonus supportive content is added often.

Students and clients will find Amelia to emanate kindness, knowledge, professionalism and warmth of heart. Amelia holds high standards of ethics and service for herself as a practitioner and instructor. She empowers those around her to be introspective, to build self-confidence and to find their strengths and visions. Her sense of humor and humility along with her professionalism create a sense of sacred space for healing and personal growth.
Cynthia - DNSc, RN, HTCP/I , Former Educational Program Director, Healing Touch Program, Boulder, CO.

Information and Pricing

Details & Time

90 Minute Monthly Call (Zoom):   12pm – 1:30pm Eastern

  • Ongoing, 2nd Tuesdays (Beginning in June 2021)

60 Minute Quarterly Q&A Call (Zoom):  12pm – 1pm Eastern

  • July 21, 2021
  • October 13, 2021
  • January 19, 2022
  • April 20, 2022

Investment $39/month

You have access to a library that houses all of our call recordings, resource materials, interviews, and discounts in an easy to navigate framework.

When you sign up, you won’t be billed until the first week of June, ahead of our first call June 8th!

Monthly Membership $39/month

6 Months Membership $185 (Saves $54)

As of June 2021, this program is currently full. Please add yourself to our waiting list to be contacted when a seat or a new cohort becomes available.

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