Individual Mentoring Consultations with Amelia Vogler

If you are a holistic practitioner, I welcome being part of your wisdom council or professional team. Guided by Spirit, together, we discover the alchemy of your unique giftedness and uncover the knowledge and methods that are waiting for you to put to practical use in your practice.

For the last five years, my time has been split between this private practice and my consulting role as the Executive Director of the Healing Touch Professional part of the Healing Touch Program, the Worldwide Leaders in Energy Medicine. I defined and implemented the overall strategy for guiding thousands of healers worldwide to ground and expand their practices in this role.  This was through connecting the right resources at the right time and offering my consultations individually.  Guiding healing practitioners in shining their light brightly and seeing the ripple effect of healing in the world is one of the greatest loves and honors of my life.

I am so delighted to use this energy, experience, and space for creative ways to support your healing practice. I will share everything that I know to support you soaring into the next phase of your professional service.

As we dig in and work around your question and dreams for your business, we ebb and flow to support through these opportunities:

  • Abundance: Creating more abundance and profitability.
  • Attraction: Finding your people.
  • Manifestation: Birthing your next class/program/practice
  • Healing: Identifying what is out of alignment for you to be fully in flow with your work.
  • Evolution: Learn new skills or methods that you want to be in your practice.
  • Limiting Beliefs: Unraveling limiting beliefs that are keeping you from creating abundantly and with ease.
  • Commanding: Finding your power.
  • Expansion: Matching the “bigness” of your vision with the “bigness” of your heart through content creation, course creation, and program design.
  • Presence: Supporting your website and writing to carry your truth in an ethical, heart-centered, effective way.

Asking “what next” is not only about manifesting the “next great thing” in your practice. It is also about ensuring that what you are bringing out, birthing, or creating is an aspect of your evolving Spiritual journey and Soul development. When you feel that slight pull or push to grow, it is likely because you are ready to do so.

Mentoring work is not just about the creation. It is about a journey of expansion. Expansion that allows you to let go of what’s no longer needed, tap into what is ready to grow, and work through the process of evolving within the natural undulations of your Spiritual journey.

Mentoring is one of my absolute favorite aspects of my practice. It allows me to give back the gifts that I have received over the last 15 years.

I look forward to exploring how I may be of help to you and your practice. Read on to learn more.

I have had the privilege and pleasure of working with Amelia for five years in her capacity as Executive Director of Healing Touch Professional Association in marketing my online programs. In that time, I was struck by her ability to bridge heart and mind, to traverse the sacred and the mundane with elegance and ease, to bring grounded integrity coupled with warmth and compassion. It is truly rare to work with someone who embodies authentic holism and balance like she does. I am excited for Amelia as she embarks on expanding her healing practice and teaching. And I’m very excited for anyone who experiences her profound and transformative work.

Debra Green, PhDDebra Green, PhD, Mind Body Specialist and author of Endless Energy: The Essential Guide to Energy Health

Information, Pricing and Packages

How we work together

Every program is customized to meet the needs of each client. So no two mentoring programs look alike, as everyone’s s needs are unique. But more often than not, working together will look like this:

Step 1:  E-mail Holly, my assistant, below to set up a free consultation to help clarify our goals together.

Step 2: We will decide on the dates for our sessions and the length between them that will most perfectly support you and your goals. For example, if I am helping you design a program, we may need a few sessions close together to create the architecture, and then you’ll need a few weeks to work. Sometimes, individuals like to meet every few weeks or monthly to expand their gifts, deepen their skills, or work through process blocks in their practice.

Step 3:  You will also be invited to the Grounded Healer’s Mentoring Collaborative and gets some feedback from other healing practitioners. This is a great way to test out your marketing copy or talk through package ideas!

5 Session Package   $975  (Saves $150)

Pricing:  $975 + 3  Months of Grounded Healers Mentoring Collaborative ( $117 Value)

3 Session Package   $625 (Saves $50)

Pricing:  $625+ 1 Month of Grounded Healers Mentoring Collaborative ($39 Value)

Amelia only takes on a few mentoring clients at one time.  At this time, she’s currently committed with other clients. If you’d like to be contacted when her next private mentoring opportunity opens up, please complete the form below to be added to the wait list.

Interested in the Group Mentoring Collaborative?

Plain and simple, we are stronger together. We can be stronger healers, stronger writers, and limitless creators. We can take more calculated risks. The like-minded benefits of a supportive team sharing ideas and experiences are truly endless.

Part of growing our light is learning how to share our light.  The refinement of this sharing in a professional, ethical, and heart-centered way is the intention of this collaborative.  With me as your guide, this affordable monthly interactive collaborative supports healers of all disciplines to be the most effective, grounded healing practitioners they we can be.

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