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Hi there!

As writing this, I haven’t yet come to celebrate our special weekend, but I am so delighted and overjoyed to be planning our curriculum and dreaming into our time together.

I’m so happy you have come to download your gift! 

My deepest hope is that this CD is deeply grounding and restorative for you body, mind, Spirit, and energetically.  You deserve it.

With all my caring,


PS. Below, I curated a few other resources for you in case you were curious about them.

  1.  The Affirmations CD:  I AM I   – Affirmations of the 13 chakras for your continued self-healing.
  2. The Origin of You Course –  Offers the beautiful story/meditation of how you got from a  star to a body and commentary to help you align your soul with the universe. It’s to help you expand the capacity of your self-healing and deepen your personal Spiritual journey. It’s also an offering of grounding, because when we truly know our origins, we know who we are.

There’s also a little space for you to join my mailing list if you are curious about all the wild, alive, and beautiful things that happen over here in Amelia-land. 🙂   I have a few courses upcoming that may be curious to you.

PPS.  You might not be aware, but all of the music in all of the offerings on this page (Grounded, I AM I, and The Origin of You) was written for your energy system balancing and the musicians are three of the most fabulous musicians that I know.  The music is played on beautiful instruments from around the world – a kora, an African  harp; a duduk, an Armanian reed instrument; flutes, guitars with 12 strings and 6; rattles from all around the globe.  My producer and sound engineer is amazing and kind and talented. His art is apparent in these tracks as he masterfully weaves the art of sound design and grace together.  He also has been nominated for quite a few Grammys.  What an amazing gift to have him on my team, and in this sweet little town we share here in NC.

Curated Goodies Just for You

Affirmations of the 13 Chakras

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A short course that covers your energetic origin.


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