Healing for Cancer (and after)

Whole-person care becomes critical in an oncology journey.

In my experience, being heard, seen, and acknowledged for the ALL that you are during your treatment and after can make a critical difference in your experience and the ways in which your body tolerates the treatment protocols.

Energy medicine, specifically Healing Touch and Reiki, have shown statistically significant results in the reduction of symptoms associated with radiation and chemotherapy. Many of my clients express a reduction in nausea, reduction in headaches, improved mental clarity, and an increase in a felt sense of positivity and connection with the Divine throughout treatment.

This work also supports you in other ways. It provides a safe and loving environment in which you can be free to unfold your most intimate concerns and worries and give those energies a place to be held. 14 years ago one of my very first clients, Karen, came to me with a terminal diagnosis of a rare type of cancer. I worked with Karen every other week for close to two years. We worked together through 5 surgeries, 3 experimental drugs, through 6 chemotherapy cycles, and then through in-home care and hospice. I remembered thinking that as I laid next to Karen in her bed, in hospice, holding her shoulders and continuing to support her, thinking how ‘well’ she was throughout her journey. Karen was one of my greatest teachers around oncology support. In the first five years of practice, she offered me the clinical experience of working with almost every symptom and emotional need that I would then see repeated over and over consistently across most of my oncology clients. She was a blessing to me for her teaching and a blessing to this world for all that she gave back.   Karen’s story was also a long time ago. The drugs and protocols have improved and the science continues to advance and inspire these walks with great benefits.

Complimenting treatment with energy medicine is typically done as close to a treatment as possible. I prefer, if possible, to see you within two days of your treatments to help support the movement and clearing of the drug’s energies for a reduction of side effects. I’m also available for sessions between treatments as the need arises to help you process your journey. Including energy medicine in an oncology journey provides an integrative and whole-body component to your care but it is important to always follow the advise of your oncologist and medical teams throughout your treatment.

Amelia, I want to thank you for supporting our son through his cancer journey.  This process was so difficult for me as a mother, watching him go through this treatment and each time he saw you his Spirit was renewed and visibly stronger, his digestion was better, and his pain levels were reduced.   It was a great gift to have you supporting his final surgery.  I will miss seeing you every few weeks, you were a bright spot through a few very difficult years and I am grateful for you.  We will remember you forever.

Anonymous , Chapel Hill, NC

Amelia and I have worked together for two years since I was re-diagnosed with cancer that required surgery and treatment. Amelia has helped me feel and revisit painful traumas in ways that have been safe, supportive, and transformative. I am more curious about myself, my becoming, and the world since working with Amelia because I feel grounded, creative, and healthy again after living in fear from early life experiences. I recommend Amelia — in all her wisdom, deep care, humor, and teaching — to anyone seeking to co-create healing and expansion.

Jesse S., Chapel Hill, NC

Energy Healing Consultations – Information, Pricing and Packages

Easy! Use my scheduler and find a time that fits with your schedule. If you don’t see a time that fits your schedule, then e-mail me. Please know that I receive a lot of e-mails and this can sometimes take a few days to return a message. I do the very best that I can to be attentive and responsive in a respectful amount of time.

We will start with a Foundation Session. This is an impactful 2-hour session. In this session, we discover a map of your existing energy patterns so that we can really get clear on what you need. Usually, we uncover limiting patterns that have been lingering around for quite a long time. After discovering, and usually shifting some things along the way, we move into a regular length energy therapy session.

Typically, you will find me in my office on  Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Friday mornings and by phone / Skype other days of the week. I do my best to accommodate time zones.

My office is in Durham, NC. For distance clients, we can meet on the phone or Zoom.

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