Dr. Jim Oschman on Electromagnetic Fields

//Dr. Jim Oschman on Electromagnetic Fields

Dr. Jim Oschman on Electromagnetic Fields

I first met Jim in 2016 at a Healing Touch Conference.  He’s a brilliant, kind man who believes in us – those light workers, energy workers, healers.   If you know me or my work, you know that my practice is grounded in science. I’m a total nerd, really.  I rather live for the new science and new thought around how vibration functions in a therapeutic setting.  (We after all are but a conglomerate of specific vibrations.)

Jim’s research creates the foundation for much of Energy Medicine. He wrote the seminal text “The Scientific Basis for Energy Medicine” and continues to do ground-breaking research in our field.  I’m grateful for the scientists who brave the scientific system to help create a pathway for our continued expansion towards legitimacy in the field of medicine. 

I really appreciated this short video that I came across about what is entitled ‘Biofield Science” or, in my words, the science of Energy Medicine.   It’s a great intro if you are curious about some of the background of “what I do“…


Thank you, Jim!  Grateful for you!   With love, Amelia

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