Part 2: About Energy Healing… Shared Assumptions!

//Part 2: About Energy Healing… Shared Assumptions!

Part 2: About Energy Healing… Shared Assumptions!

Energy healing is a type or a system of healing that operates on a few fundamental assumptions:

  1.  We are energetic beings. (Reference modern science that uses electromagnetic devices to diagnose and treat illness, such as:  EKG, EEG, MRI, Electropulse Therapy, etc.)
  2. The human energy system is like a blueprint for a home, it holds the code for how our body, mind, and spirit are to work in harmoniously both as individual aspects of us and collective aspects of us.  (Reference
  3. The human energy system is not separate from us.  It is part of us just as our skeletal system, cardiovascular system, lymphatic system, nervous system, etc. 
  4. The following aspects or dimensions of us are governed by and have roots in the energy system:  our beliefs, our connection to our own sacred purpose; our heart’s desires; our physicality (or our physical wellness); our emotional self, our mental self; our relational self – how we are with others;  our ability to speak our truth; how we dream and vision into the future, our conception of and/or connection to a Higher Power; our ability to navigate time; or to tap into our cosmic roots (such as in our numerology or symbology); our ancestors and connection to nature and the Earth; our ability to command and create things; and our ability to live through and share love.
  5. The human energy system operates under the physical laws of the Universe. (Reference the field of Cosmology and Quantum Physics)
  6. The human energy system is regarded as a subtle system, or a system where the vibration cannot be measured by current equipment.  There are a multitude of studies that illustrate the potential and application of the human energy system in healing.   In May of 2016, the Journal of Acupuncture and Meridian Studies published a study confirming the existence of the Meridian system called “The Primo Vascular System as a New Anatomical System” researched by a Korean lab team.  The study is authored by  Miroslav Stefanov, Michael Potroz, Jungdae Kim, Jake Lim, Richard Cha, Min-ho Nam. 

In my opinion, our energy system has four fundamental jobs:

  1. Job 1:  Memory Keeper. The energy system holds a record all of our experiences and translates those experiences in and through the body to support the ever-changing construction of our beliefs; our wellness (body, emotions, mind, and spirit); our relational experiences with others; and our ability to navigate our power.  Depending on how the energy of these memories are held – what they are connected to; how strong the charge is; the energies of these experience can positively or negatively affect our health and wellness and ability to “fully show up” in life.
  2. Job 2:  The Translator.  The energy system helps us translate information that is outside of us, for example, what how we handle the energy of someone that is mean or angry; or the energy of an environment that is toxic or the energy of a place of great beauty.   The energy of a political climate, a move, a new school, being in relationship with someone, sitting on a plane next to someone.  We are constantly translating the energy of our world.  Many people struggle with EMF sensitivities or environmental toxins and these struggles have strong roots in the energy system in addition to the physical body.
  3. Job 3:  The Projector.  The energy system also projects our own inner experience outwards.  The state of our inner health – whether it be in our thoughts, our physical health, our emotional health, the way in which we are in relationship to something greater (or not) all projects outwards and provides to the world information about who we are and how we are in the world.
  4. Job 4: The Change Maker.   The energy system is constantly moving and in flux.  This system is our power.  If you think about any of the physical systems of the body these require energy to fuel it, our subtle energies also act as fuel for our body, mind, spirit to continue to evolve and to be connected to one’s “blue print.” This system constantly keeps us connected with a flow of Divine source energy and supports our ability to navigate that interplay between what is outside of us and what is within us. 

So, in sum, the energy system is a regulatory system that helps us manage outside forces and internal ones by channeling source energy and moving

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