Part 3: About Energy Healing… Energy System has 4 Jobs!

//Part 3: About Energy Healing… Energy System has 4 Jobs!

Part 3: About Energy Healing… Energy System has 4 Jobs!

The energy system is a regulatory and transfer system that helps us manage outside forces and internal forces with the goal of balance or homeostasis.  If you think about how in any given moment, we are bombarded by information that shifts and changes, you will understand the dynamic nature and the amazing potential of this system. 

For example, right now,  I’m here sitting at the beach with the window open and the sound of the waves soothing me and a friend texts me and disappoints me (albeit something minor and stupid) which sends me into a small moment of feeling under valued, which likely caused a chemical shift in my body through my adrenal system.  All the while, if I take a moment to reflect on what else is acting on me, I’m acknowledging the larger forces of the failing and discouraging political climate around the United States at this time; the horrific weather (as I write this at the beginnings of the cleanup of Hurricane Harvey and in the middle of the horror of Hurricane Irma );  and my own family of origin forces that were just stirred up during a Labor Day holiday with my extended family.  Then there is my nutrition and some of my current health challenges – like this lingering cold that set in after visiting with nephews.  Oye! My energy system is busy processing from the outside in!   And then, of course, there is the inside out… where my virtues, values, physiology, emotional self, mental self, spiritual selves are all trying to speak honestly and get an opportunity to be heard and valued.

The energy system is amazing – it is both a reference point for all that ever was and a holding space for all that will become. It is the fuel that keeps me going and the wisdom that allows me to navigate and choose how to be in any given moment.

In my opinion, our energy system has four fundamental jobs and is operating through these all at the same time. 

  1. Job 1:  Memory Keeper. The energy system holds a record all of our experiences and translates those experiences in and through the body to support the ever-changing construction of our beliefs; our wellness (body, emotions, mind, and spirit); our relational experiences with others; and our ability to navigate our power.  Depending on how the energy of these memories are held – what they are connected to; how strong the charge is; the energies of these experience can positively or negatively affect our health and wellness and ability to “fully show up” in life.
  2. Job 2:  The Translator.  The energy system helps us translate information that is outside of us, for example, what how we handle the energy of someone that is mean, grumpy, or angry; or the energy of an environment that is toxic or the energy of a place of great beauty.   The energy of a political climate, a move, a new school, being in relationship with someone, or sitting on a plane next to someone.  We are constantly translating the energy of our world.  Many people struggle with EMF sensitivities or environmental toxins and these struggles have strong roots in the energy system in addition to the physical body.
  3. Job 3:  The Projector.  The energy system also projects our own inner experience outwards.  The state of our inner health – whether it be in our thoughts, our physical health, our emotional health, the way in which we are in relationship to something greater (or not) all projects outwards and provides to the world information about who we are and how we are in the world. You know how you “know” when someone is in a crappy mood?  Well, guess what?  They probably know when you are too… this is because of how we hold the energy of our experiences in our energy system and how that experience is projected outwards.
  4. Job 4: The Change Maker.   The energy system is constantly moving and in flux.  This system is our power.  If you think about any of the physical systems of the body these require energy to fuel it, our subtle energies also act as fuel for our body, mind, spirit to continue to evolve and to be connected to one’s “blue print.” This system constantly keeps us connected with a flow of Divine source energy and supports our ability to navigate that interplay between what is outside of us and what is within us. 


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