Energetic Preventative Care Program

Benefits of Amelia Vogler’s Energetic Preventative Care Program™

Twice monthly energy sessions are recommended to keep your energy system open and flowing, but not everyone can afford that – until today.   I started this program so that anyone could get the consistent support that they need to keep their energy system tuned up and keep themselves flowing through life. I designed this program to be a live experience, as the group container is powerful.  It is amazing what can happen in the presence of group energy.   The recordings are made available purely as a backup for some reason that you can’t make it.

If you think this group healing is less than a “real” session, you’re wrong. This is a bonafide distance healing session! I have been attending Amelia’s Energetic Preventative program for nearly a year. Twice a month she does a group healing, taking the group in her skillful intentional and imaginative way. I had been suffering for the past five days from a sore pulled back/hip muscle and a head cold. This week during her Spiral Meditation, the pain literally spiraled out of my field. I knew I was healed before I even got up from the couch. And I feel great today!! AND, this is not the first time, over the course of many many months, I have felt real and profound benefits from these sessions.

Min Green, HTCP. Biofield Tuning Certified Practitioner, Integrative Health Coach

This comprehensive program is essentially everything-you-need to keep your energy system maintained.

  • Support your immune system (and help to prevent future illness)
  • Increase your physical vitality
  • Help you remember how to relax
  • Support emotional easiness
  • Clear your mental fuzziness
  • Erase your stress and drop into a peaceful quiet
  • Strengthen your unique connection to Spirit
  • Deepen your roots and expand your grounding potential
  • Reclaim the inner conductor of the great concert that is your life

Past healing clinic recordings in the library:

  • Energetic Progressive Relaxation & Hands-On Healing
  • Full Moon: Illuminating Longings Letting Go
  • New Moon: Dreams Come True
  • Discovering the Seed of Your Essence
  • Unity with Love of Self
  • Cultivating Strength
  • Golden Spirals of Wisdom
  • Peace through Breath, Peace through Letting Go

Each month, new group healing clinics are added…

NEW 2021 SERIES:  Strengthening your Neuroplasticity of Well-being

Amelia is guiding through a 10 month series that includes the use of scientifically-proven techniques to support neuroplasticiity (or resiliency in the nervous system and mind) coupled with an energetic balancing to deepen the methods and their potency for a mind-body-energy-body balance.

This particular series is great if you are looking to build and strengthen your personal will, emotional flexibility, inherent adaptability (think “easy flow in life”), and peace in your heart.

Bi-weekly energy sessions are ideal for keeping your energetic maintenance.

These are important for a lot of reasons:

  • Explore your “dis-ease” from a 360-degree perspective. The imprints of stress, illness, emotional discomfort, and even trauma all exist in the energy system first. When sitting within the group field and the high vibration of these group healings, it is easier for your Spirit to learn its lessons, and for you to let these go BEFORE, you have to learn the lesson through a “physical” experience.
  • Your perspective is seeded in the energy system. The ability to live with a higher perspective is equivalent to the clarity of your energy system, so working to clear this system consistently allows you to continue to access a more elevated and broader perspective without the lower everyday hangups that usually get in the way.
  • When your energy system is open and flowing, you have more vitality and better focus. These sessions help open the flow of energy from the Earth and from Spirit to help you tap into the resources you need to refresh and empower yourself.
  • The more you connect with Spirit, the easier it is to listen to the messages that are waiting for you. These sessions also offer you an opportunity to sit with God (the God of a thousand names and faces) so that you can connect to the source for guidance, support, and to establish your unique relationship with Spirit.
  • A consistent grounding practice teaches your body to stay grounded. These sessions build resiliency and continue to support you, remembering how to truly and fully be here.
  • Gifting yourself an opportunity to come home to yourself spurs revelations that support your health and wellbeing all the way to your DNA.

Good Morning, Amelia,

Yesterday I listened to the second November recording and something important and new happened—I was able to ask for help. When I entered the cave, my dearest friend, was there. She died three years ago and I think of her every day. She was studying energy medicine at the time of her death. When you asked us to think about our intention, I asked: “Will you help me?”

During the healing work, I felt my lower back and belly unclench. I’ve been suffering from strained ligaments for the past three months, and yesterday my back felt so much better.

Thank you,


Information, Pricing and Packages

3 Month Package: $75 ($12.50 Per Clinic)

Dates: Group Energy Clearing and Balancing Clinics: 1st and 3rd Thursday

Registration Details: Package is for 6 months and begins after registration.

Time: 12:30-1:30pm Eastern | 11:30am -12:30pm Central | 10:30am – 11:30am Mountain | 9:30am – 10:30am Pacific

3 month package includes:

  • 6 Group Energy Clearing & Balancing clinics ($12.50/clinic)
  • If you purchased these one at a time, it would be $720!
  • The opportunity to write to Amelia to ensure that she is holding your special request or intention during the healing clinic
  • Recordings of all available clinics (even those from before your package started) are available in an online library for as long as you remain in the program.

FREE GIFT 1: Morning Energy Re-Charge Process – a morning process to clear your field, assert your boundaries, and increase your frequency ($6 value)
FREE GIFT 2: Progressive Relaxation Meditation for Restful Sleep ($14 value)

3 Month Package

Drop-in Session: $45 (Per Clinic)

Date: Group Energy Clearing and Balancing Clinics: 1st and 3rd Thursday

Time:  12:30-1:30pm Eastern |  11:30am -12:30pm Central |  10:30am – 11:30am Mountain | 9:30am – 10:30am Pacific

Investment: $45 Per Clinic*

* You must register no later than the 24 hours before the next clinic. This is to ensure you receive all of the call details.

Drop-in Session

What clients are saying

Thank you Amelia. Your Clinic was amazing again! I connected with all of the elements and did pay special attention to water. I continue to feel grounded and refreshed afterwards. I am grateful for your caring and these Clinics. I’m sure positive healing energy comes back to you from all the precious light you are putting out to the world. Thank you for all you do!


Thanks, Amelia. That was so sweet, and I appreciate you! Shortly after the session ended, I received a direct answer to what I needed guidance on! Thank you.


That was absolutely both powerful and beautiful. Thank you, my love.


That was amazing. I could feel the energy moving through my body while you were voice guiding us. I had pain in my shoulder that completely went away after. You are amazing!


The last session helped me to focus better and come back to myself. Things I did not even mention, however, seemed to clear! For example, my bone-on-bone knee pain is gone. I have also had tension from my CPAP mask in my face neck and shoulders that made my face and neck and shoulders ache and has kept me from sleeping well. Healers such as physio and massage and cranial sacral could clear the tension for short periods, but it always came back when I put my mask back on, this was cleared after your call; That was an amazing bonus! Still good! No great pain. Energy really does have wisdom!


Amelia, your voice is just beautiful. The way that you guided me into that space was powerful. I could feel every word. I can’t believe how strong the energy was!


Amelia, oh my goodness, that was amazing. The question that I wrote to you about the soul-searching one? Well, it was answered and then some. I am so grateful for your clinic.


I attended Amelia’s Energy Clinic on May 1, 2020. It was wonderful! Amelia’s voice is so sweet and soothing. I felt a tremendous amount of energy during the session! I understand that there were 50 attendees on the call, and the combined energy of all of us, facilitated by Amelia, was full, rich, and deep! I felt a ton of energy moving during the session, with a wonderful response in my body. Discomfort melted away, tight muscles relaxed, and I felt so much better by the end of the session. I’m going to attend the others in the series. Thank you, Amelia!


Hi Amelia, I am very grateful to you for the assurance you gave yesterday. It was a big moving day for me literally from aspen to Boulder. I ty it would have been a challenge without you! Thank you!


WOW! Thank you so very much for that wonderful healing experience. It was truly amazing! I will DEFINITELY be participating in the coming sessions. Again THANK YOU!


Thank you, Amelia, that was helpful, very peaceful, and beautiful. Have a magical day.


I would like to tell you THANK YOU : ) I love dropping into session with you. I lay down in my bed to be in a comfortable space and just ZONE OUT!  Oftentimes, I’m in and out of awareness during the session. I always feel sensations of energy running through my body,
which is such a wonderful feeling.  Thank you for the healing energy you’re sending, they’re definitely being felt : )


“Oh my gosh, that was so amazing. You have this immense capacity for loving, tender, nurturing! You were right here with me, holding space, so powerful and gentle. So much love and gratitude for you and your super power! Thank you!!!


“Amelia, Just a quick but heartfelt thank you for all of the healing help you provided me with yesterday [in the clinic]. The support was tremendous—— I’m 180 degrees out from where I was yesterday am! Just stunning—- you and your team are a powerhouse! Blessings, Xoxox


Before and After the Session:
“Hi, Amelia, I am responding regarding my personal needs right now for the energy clinic today. I am stressed and not sleeping; my nervous system has little resilience right now. I have thyroid autoimmune issues that make it really difficult for my foods to digest and absorb nutrients. My blood pressure and heart rate are extremely unstable right now as well, also affecting my sleep. Thank you for all that you do.”

11 Days After …

“Hi Amelia, I hope this finds you doing well. I apologize for not getting back to you sooner to let you know how things went in the group healing. Since then, my blood pressure and heart rate have been stable! I am so appreciative and so grateful for this healing. And for the opportunity, you have offered to allow this unfolding for myself. Thank you for the divine love that comes through you! – C.B.

A  Story of a Loved One

Dearest Amelia,

I look forward to the healing clinic tomorrow. I asked for guidance and I was told, “push the reset button.” I’m not sure what that means but that will be my intention.

I feel I must share with you the healing that occurred in our last healing clinic. I was very grateful you allowed us to invite a loved one to join us. I have a beloved family member who became ill suddenly and had spent 10 days in ICU. His organs were failing and after many tests there was not a clear diagnosis. The doctors had prepared us for the worst the morning of the healing session. He is married with two children and in good health one moment and dying the next.

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While it is hosted by zoom, I highly suggest that you call in, put your phone on speaker, and lay down for an hour and let the energy and intention clear, balance, and expand your fields.

No, you can register for one at a time.  The one-time cost is $45.   I incentivize your coming for two sessions a month because repeated, consistent energy medicine allows you to clear and refresh your field.  Repeated clearing, opening, and balancing the energy system is what allows you to support your health, emotional resiliency, and Spiritual well being.

It is always recommended that you seek out consistent energy treatment and this provides you a low-cost, high-vibration way to receive that support.

I’m first going to create an energetic container that will hold all of those participating (live and those who join in the future) in a safe and protected space.  After that I will take a few minutes to “tune in” with the group and then begin by grounding all of us and then as I continue to listen to the needs of the group energy, will offer a hands-on treatment just as if you were in the office. I may be called to provide some guided imagery or a guided meditation.

For those who purchased packages and sent in intentions, I will also be holding these throughout the session in addition to holding the greatest intention of all:  That all work is done in your Highest Good and with no harm to self or others.

I’ve led group healing both in-person and online for over 3 years in various settings.  People who attend love the work and are often totally surprised that they can “actually feel it as if they were in session.”

Yes. It absolutely works. There are no limits to energy medicine and because ‘All healing is self healing’ when you are invited into a healing container with strong intention and clear focus, you are held in a beautiful therapeutic space, rich with potential. In fact, I believe that it might even “work” better because of the larger vibration of the group energy that we are all connecting to and co-creating.

No.  The group’s energy is going to change each week, because  you will be in a new place and a new space, you will bring into the group signature what you are needing. I am responding to what you are needing.

Yes! Because energy doesn’t abide by time/space laws, you can tap right into the group energy.

If you are a package subscriber, then I will send you copies of all of the group healing clinics for your personal self-care library.

If you purchase one clinic at a time, I make the recording available for a week so that you have time to participate even if you are not able to join live.