Energetic Preventative Care


When the pandemic came and shuttered my practice doors, I took to Zoom (with the rest of the world)  and began to offer group healings. These group sessions became a fixture in the self-care for people all over the world.
For 34 weeks, we met as a group to tune and balance our energy systems and keep us flowing through life.

This comprehensive program is essentially everything-you-need to keep your energy system maintained.

  • Support your immune system (and help to prevent future illness)
  • Increase your physical vitality
  • Help you remember how to relax
  • Support emotional easiness
  • Clear your mental fuzziness
  • Erase your stress and drop into a peaceful quiet
  • Strengthen your unique connection to Spirit
  • Deepen your roots and expand your grounding potential
  • Reclaim the inner conductor of the great concert that is your life
You can now take this program into your lives.  Enjoy 34 Energy Healing Group Sessions via recording.  You can go walk in the snow, lay in  the park, have  a lazy morning in bed. It doesn’t  matter  where  you are, these sessions are here to guide you,  support you and allow you to  benefit from the group field.



Here’s a list of the 34 Group Healing  Sessions:

Earth as Healing Mini Series – Earth Guardians

Earth Healing Mini-Series: Air (with Spiral Meditation)

Earth Healing Mini-Series: Inner Fire (with Heart Cave Meditation)

Earth Healing Mini-Series – Ocean Healing

The Unified Field of Many Colors

Healing Dreams

Dreaming BIG Dreams

Remembering the OK-ness of Right Now

Dreaming without Attachment

The Four Types of Peace

Restoring Personal Power

The Sacred Pause

Celebrating Your Body

Saying “Yes” and Being in Flow

Letting the Stone Go

Slow Down

Restoring the Qualities of Goodness


Compassion as Healer

Taking in Beauty

Befriending Yourself

Hara Anchoring with Heartbeat

Inner Temple (Mindfulness and Willfulness) & CNS & Chakra Balance

Wise One Cave Meditation & Full Body Balance

Reflexology & Boundaries

Energetic Progressive Relaxation & Hands On Healing

Full Moon Clinic: The Illumination of Longings Letting Go

New Moon Clinic: Dreams Come True

The Seed of Your Essence

Unity with Love of Self

Cultivating Strength

Golden Spiral of Wisdoms

Peace Through Breath, Peace Through Letting Go



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