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Registration Open Now:  New Series Starting March 22nd

Journey of the Mystic™ - Amelia Vogler
  • Online Live Class (Zoom), On-Demand Lessons
  • Spiritual Practices for each of the Powers
  • Monday afternoons:  4:00 – 5:30pm Eastern Time
  • 4 Series:  March 22, 29 & April 5, 12
  • $275 Early Bird through March 08 ($375 Regular)

Cosmology  of Change

You are living starlight, which means that the same powers that unfold and expand the Universe also expand and energize you. There is a Universal plan. There is a Universal process.  In this in-depth and illuminating 4-part series, Amelia will guide you up the cosmic spiral through the 11 powers of the Universe. These energetic powers hold the secrets of Universal expansion and your personal evolution.
In this series, Amelia will demystify the process of personal evolution and share the life-changing secrets of the 11 Universal powers to support your personal and professional healing.

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Energetic Preventative Care Program - Amelia Vogler
  • Online (Zoom) and recorded
  • 1st and 3rd Thursdays, ongoing
  • 12:30pm – 1:30pm Eastern Time
  • 6 Months = 12 Group clinics
  • $150 ($12.50/clinic)
  • $720 value if you purchased each clinic separately!
  • Bonus:  Morning Energy Re-Charge Process ($6 value)
  • Bonus:  Progressive Relaxation for Restful Sleep ($14 value)

Energetic Preventative Care™

Every other week energy sessions are recommended to keep your energy system open and flowing, but not everyone can afford that – until today. This comprehensive program is essentially an everything-you-need to keep your energy system maintained to support your immune system, increase your physical vitality, help you remember how to relax, support emotional easiness, clear your mental fuzziness, erase your stress and drop into a peaceful quiet, strengthen your unique connection to Spirit, deepen your roots and expand your grounding potential.

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Ongoing Program:  Join Now

Grounding Circle™ - Amelia Vogler
  • Everything energetic resource library
  • Monthly energy forecasts
  • Monthly live calls “Ask Amelia” anything about anything
  • Tools & Techniques
  • Articles & Information
  • Monthly subscription
  • $22/month

Grounding Circle™

This is your go-to energetic resource library in support of your Spiritual search and your homecoming to wholeness… This secret portal is for the seeker who wishes to deepen their journey with education, inspiration, monthly energy forecasts, and personal nurture from Amelia. Join Amelia’s Grounding Circle, where she gives you resources, meditations, affirmations, and so much more so that that she can to help support you in your grounding, health, wellness, and spiritual potential.

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Available Anytime: On-Demand

Get Grounded Masterclass - Amelia Vogler
  • Lifetime Access to the Course
  • Technique Handout
  • Recorded Fountain Technique
  • $72.99

Get Grounded: Masterclass

You are invited to participate in this in-depth 90 Minute Masterclass with energy specialist Amelia Vogler, that explores the practical and healing grounding techniques for perspective, boundaries, and resiliency. You’ll learn grounding from the perspective of chakras 9 & 10 and learn three techniques to support your own grounding. Amidst the chaotic energy that surrounds us, each one of us has a role in our evolution.

This class is the deep dive of grounding information for which you have been waiting. Amelia will help you learn, with a crystallized perspective, how to protect yourself better and build a personalized grounding system that serves your highest good.

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