Sacred Gifts Program

Discover your sacred gifts and talents based on a personalized 12-Week Chakra reading.

Have you ever wondered about the ways in which you are “gifted” across the subtle aspects of yourself?   Or, perhaps you have an idea, but would like to explore “who you are” and “how you are” deeper.

Each week, for 12 weeks, you will receive an e-mail with information about one of the 12 primary wisdoms or gifts that you have. Some of these gifts might be hiding away; some of the gifts might be eclipsed by others; some gifts may be begging to emerge or begging to be opened and worked with.

You will receive:

  • An explanation of your psychic style, which will help you to understand how you receive and process energy (or information) most easily. This is like understanding whether you are kinesthetic, auditory, or verbal processor – but it is the way in which you “learn” and “understand” energy.  It is like getting a new pair of glasses that help you see more clearly because you know what you are looking for! 
  • An explanation of how your gifts are ordered by “strength” or “clarity”.   We look at how and what ways your current gifts are supporting you and help you to see yourself through these abilities or gifts in a direct and powerful way.
  • For 12 Weeks in a row, you will receive an e-mail that includes:
    • An introduction to the chakra (or the energy center) for that week.  You will learn a about the ideas and dimensions and wisdoms of this aspect of you.  This is both an introduction to the chakra (or energy center) and is also quite an advanced at the same time.  We both cover an expanded system and you also are able to explore advanced topics within the chakras, such as nutritional information, addictions or sensitivities, and more advanced qualities and dimensions of the chakras.)
    • An intuitive e-reading from me about your relationship to this chakra and wisdom. This reading usually brings out a specific information that allows us to understand your relationship with this gift. Many times there are exercises to support you growing your gift or Spirit will offer you specific questions for your own self-work that might allow you to go deeper with this gift or wisdom in your life.

Sacred Gifts 12-Week Program

This program is for those who want to take a closer look at the unique design of the gifts of your Spirit. This 12 chakra e-reading of your energy system and also includes a layer of intuitive work that unfolds your gifts in an alive and relevant format. This program helps you to discover your own gifts, be able to name them and work with them in a way that fosters deep soul and personal development.

This reading also allows you to learn about these gifts or truths and empower you to grow these gifts and bring them out in the world.


The basis of this reading comes from Cyndi Dale’s work on “Spiritual Gifts.” She has granted me permission to use and adapt her work to help you explore your own personal giftedness.


Sacred Gifts 12 Week Program 

Normally:  $620    Special offer: $425

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