Guided Walk

In the fall of 2019, I walked over 100 miles with four other healers up the coast of Spain into the ancient city of Galicia. With each step, we brought each other the questions, curiosities, and stories of our lives. We worked with each other through the past, present, and future. We worked with our guides. We brought through techniques. We dialoged with the trees, the clouds, and the sky.

What I came home with was a sincere desire to hold this space for others. Something amazing happens when you bring healing into a moving body. I felt the impact of the work go immediately in my cells; I found my time to from integration to manifestation was decreased dramatically.

Walking the healing is powerful and I’d like to walk with you. We meet at the Okaneechee Speedway in Hillsborough, NC and travel around a well-traveled, easy, soft outdoor track surrounded by a beautiful river and tall swaying pine trees. We will walk at your pace for 50 minutes and explore together what wants to come through for you…

The investment for this service is $115 for 50 minutes.

You were born to do things like this for the World. I’m so grateful! I love you!

Cynthia Hutchison DNSc, RN, MSN, CNS, HTCP/I, Former Education Director of Healing Touch Program, Boulder, CO

Your meditation is absolutely beautiful! Thank you!

Anne S., Ohio

Amelia, you are very gifted in guided meditation!! Thank you for this sacred contribution to healing.

Caroline F., California