Homecoming Healing Immersion with Amelia Vogler

What if you could rediscover yourself? Energetically unfurl yourself for the first time? Or do so anew after a significant illness, a period of caretaking (over self or others), a divorce, or just because something is calling you back to the sweet home of your self.

Well, good news, you can with the help of a Homecoming: Healing Immersion.

We start with a deep two-day immersion, we work together for four hours a day to get clear about where you’ve been and welcome you back home.

The first day is spent meandering with compassionate focus through your personal story; energetic influences; foundational relationships; and dreams and desires.   We arrive after the 4 hours with a strong, clear foundation and vision for our working together.

The second day is spent working through past and present issues. We explore various markers of your soul’s design, such as your numerology, your energy system colors, and your guardian spirits. We work with your ancestors to heal old wounds and discover allies hiding in your bloodline.  Each day is complete with integration work “on the table” (or, lying on your couch or bed – if virtual) and a vibrant chakra balancing to integrate the wisdom of the day.

The next three months are dedicated to grounding your heart, your mind, and your habits in this new found home.   I like to meet with you every-other-week for 60 minutes to provide additional intuitive coaching and individually-focused ongoing support.

*We can meet longer, more frequently, or arrange for another agreement of support (text message or e-mail access) if desired, but please know that my extra time is billed accordingly.

In addition to these, you have complementary access to my Energetic Preventative Care Program ($720 value) and my Grounding Circle ($144 value) for an entire year to support your self-care, renewal, and self-development. 

This beneficial immersion allows you to create roots back to your sacred self and then rebuild your life to grow around them.  This immersion realigns you with your core desires, and gifts—all while moving you into the direction of a new-grounded future, one filled with unconditional love, and increased emotional capacity.

This immersion is comprised of 8 hours of one-on-one healing over 2 days and then an additional 6 hours spread out over 3 months.  At this time for your safety and well-being, all Homecoming Healing Immersions are done virtually over Zoom.

What to Expect

Expect not to be alone in this process. Amelia is a skilled guide, intuitive coach (trained at Duke University), and a gifted healer and intuitive and she brings all of this to partner with you in your homecoming and the grounded unfoldment of your new life.

Amelia uses spoken and sensation-based dialog to guide our time together and bring to light that, which needs to be released. She uses her expanded senses and her gentle, yet precise connection to the Divine to bring forward information that will support new insights and awarenesses. Together we will work in alignment with the teachings and messages of your Higher Self to ground you in your gifts in the present and open you to a future of highest potential, joy, and unconditional love.

How to book a Homecoming Immersion

To book an immersion, indicate that you’re interested in the Homecoming Immersion as well as a time frame and geographic location if you have an idea of this already.

Upon booking, a 50% deposit is due to hold your space. The remainder of the balance is due the day the healing immersion commences.

Cancellation for a deposit refund (minus Stripe / PayPal fees, if applies) must take place three weeks in advance of the immersion or refund of the deposit is forfeited. This offering covers one-on-one healing and is not open for couples or others to join.

The investment for this service is $3,695 for 14 hours (over 3 months) of one-on-one support and complementary access to a year of the Energetic Preventative Care Program (for self-care and renewal) and the Grounding Circle (for energetic education and self-development).