FREE ENERGETIC VACCINE INTEGRATION KIT™ Six energetic protocols are designed to support and enhance the harmony of new vaccine energy in your body. Each protocol is available in video and audio formats. 1 – Grounding the Energy Body
2 – Energizing the Energy Pathways
3 – Working with the Vaccine Prior to Administration
4 – Clearing, Opening, and Balancing the Energy Body to Harmonize with the Vaccine
5 – Soothing the injection Site
6 – Clearing and Supporting the Liver
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Mentoring Collaborative for Grounded Healers™ Part of growing our light is learning how to share our light. This affordable monthly interactive collaborative supports healers of all disciplines to be the most effective, grounded healing practitioners they can be. Learn More The Complete Distance Healing Training Foundation Training 1
Distance Healing for One-on-One Consultations
Learn More In these two Masterclasses, Amelia will take the mysterious practice of Distance Healing and ground it in the practice.

You will leave feeling confident in bringing your healing practice to the people looking for you and expanding your practice to include safe group work.
Advanced Training 2
Distance Healing with Groups