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Speaking and Facilitation Program Descriptions

My presentations are experiential immersions into the “ALL” of the human potential. I aim to re-center participants in the depth of their radiance and connect them with a renewed sense of belonging. I provide valuable take-home tools that they can use to strengthen their connection to their Spirit.

I am available for interactive keynotes, breakout sessions, pre- and post-conference training, and longer retreats.

Amelia Vogler is available for speaking engagements

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Recent Highlights

  • 2021:  Intuitive Medicine Summit: Shift Network (Online)
  • 2021:  Integrative Imagery & Healing Trauma:  Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors Engage Conference  (Online)
  • 2021:  Better Healers Series:  Conversation with Lynne McTaggart, Author of 5 International Best Sellers (Online)
  • 2021: Grounding & Transforming Trauma – Four Corners Wellness Summit:  Healing Touch Worldwide Foundation  (Online)
  • 2021:  Radio:  Transforming Trauma. Dr. Pat Show (Online, Radio)
  • 2019: Sounds like Light –  A Music and Storytelling Full Day Educational Conference for the OKI Gathering (Cincinnati, OH)
  • 2019: Post-Conference Workshop “Using an Expanded Chakra System in Clinical Practice” at Healing Touch Program’s Worldwide Conference
  • 2018:  Pre-Conference Workshop “Healing Trauma through Wholeness” at the World Burn Congress (Grand Rapids, MI)
  • 2018:  Panel Expert:  Normalizing Trauma for Burn Survivors (Grand Rapids, MI)
  • 2018: Wellness Center Closing Speaker:  World Burn Congress (Grand Rapids, MI)
  • 2018: Energy Consultant for a Doctoral Study through the Rhine Institute, Durham NC
  • 2018: Panel Facilitator:  Anatomy for Healer’s with Sue Hoveland, Nancy Lester, Ann Marie Newman, and Jeanette Neinabar
  • 2018: Speaker: Healing Touch Program Instructors Conference (San Antonio, TX)
  • 2018: Interview: Amelia Vogler & Debra Greene, Phd “Energy Mastery and the Energetics of New Year Resolutions”
  • 2017: Podcast Interview: Spirituality Out Loud: Meet Amelia Vogler – An Intuitive and a Specialist in Energy Medicine and Natural Healing
  • 2017:  Interview: Amelia Vogler & New York Times Best Seller Rick Hanson, Phd. “Cultivating Resiliency for Energy Medicine Professionals” (Online)
  • 2017:  Interview:  Amelia Vogler & Jonathan Bender, MS   “Energetics of Expression” (Online)
  • 2017:  Interview: Amelia Vogler & George Kao  “Authentic Social Media Training for Energy Practitioners” (Online)
  • 2017: Speaker / Presenter: Phoenix Society World Burn Congress (Dallas, TX)
    • Presentation 1: Introduction to Therapeutic Guided Meditation (experiential)
    • Presentation 2: Energy Medicine as a non-pharmacological approach to wellness and self-care (experiential)
  • 2017: Panel member: Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) The Ethics of Energy Healing: Blind Spots and Dilemmas (Online)
  • 2017: Presentation: Jaycee Burn Center UNC Hospitals: Introduction to Healing Touch (Chapel Hill, NC)
  • 2017: Podcast Interview: Dream Freedom Beauty: Elemental Healing and The Role of Love in Evolution (online)
  • 2017:  Corporate Wellness Program: SAS Institute: An Energetic Approach to Rejuvenation in the Workplace (Cary, NC)
  • 2016: Podcast Interview: Dream Freedom Beauty: Healing Migraine Headaches with Energy Medicine (online)
  • 2016: Facilitator & Lecturer: Healing Touch Worldwide Conference (Charlotte, NC)
  • 2015: Speaker: Phoenix Society World Burn Congress: Introduction to the Therapeutic Use of Energy Medicine (Cincinnati, OH)
  • 2015: Organizer & Speaker: Healing Touch Center of North Carolina Community Day (Durham, NC)
    • Lecture: Sacred Geometry
    • Technique Demonstration: Healing the Bones using Sound
  • 2015: Volunteer Consulting: Healing Touch Worldwide Foundation Website
  • 2014: Co-lead on Planning Committee and Ceremonialist: The Cosmic Mass of the Triangle (Carrboro, NC)
  • 2014: Speaker: Worldwide Healing Touch Conference: An Energetic Model for Holistic Practitioners (Chicago, IL)

Retreat / Masterclass Topics

  • Elemental Healing
  • Using Stones and Crystals in a Therapeutic Setting
  • Clearing the Energy of Trauma
  • Affirmations and Meditations
  • Sacred Anatomy
  • Mindfulness
  • Self-Discovery
  • Cosmology
  • Altar Building
  • Practitioner as Sacred Space
  • Creating Therapeutic Meditations
  • Working with Spiritual Allies/Guides
  • Speaking with Plants / Earth – Native Teachings
  • Journeying for Wellness
  • Expanded 13 Chakra System
  • Virtues