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Speaking and Programs

Speaking & Facilitation Program Descriptions



Trauma Healing through Discovery

We are often told to ‘recover’ from trauma, yet the word ‘recover’ means to re-cover or to cover up. In this workshop, we are invited to ‘heal’ trauma. To heal is to discover what virtues and powers are available to shift stuck energy and move into a new empowered sense of safety and personal transformation. A journey from the trauma and into the next step.

  • Theme: Discover and fall in love with inner resources to establish safety
  • Group Healing: Resourcing for Healing Trauma – group
  • Virtues: Courage, Will-Power and Reverence
  • Time: 30 Minutes to ½ Day


Healing Beyond the Shadow of Doubt

Doubt is simply the held energy of beliefs. What happens when you remember that there is Divine light shining behind it trying to get to you? What happens when doubt is cast away for just a moment to give light a way in? The answer is transformation.

  • Theme: When you let the “Divine to shine anyways” doubt is transformed to courage.
  • Group Healing: Shedding doubt and transforming it to courageous empowered light.
  • Virtues: Fortitude, Gentleness, Righteousness (the breath of life)
  • Time: 30 Minutes to ½ Day


Your Body as Your Beloved Spiritual Teacher

Open the gates to your inner sanctuary and step into a world of awakened wisdoms that speak through the aspects of your sacred anatomy. Did you know that your bones hold the stories of your ancestors or that your knees are the temple of your joy? Working with the map of the body gives us a pathway to healing and transformation.

  • Theme: Be captivated by the teaching of how you became the gift that you are. Be reunited with the love, beauty, and healing that speaks through your body.
  • Group Healing: Befriending the Spiritual affirmations of your sacred anatomy.
  • Virtues: Love, Mercy, and Truth
  • Time: 30 Minutes to 3 Days



Health Care to Whole Care

Finding the courage to speak your needs in a healthcare system that narrowly listens.

Open the gates to your inner sanctuary and step into a world of awakened wisdoms. From this place, you meet, speak, and demand care from your seven primary dimensions: your body, your emotions, your thoughts, how you contribute heart-fully to the world; your creative voice; your deep dreams; and your connection to Spirit.

  • Theme: Learn what to say and how to speak through your Bill of Rights on behalf of your rights to Divine Whole-Person Care.
  • Experience: Self- energy medicine balancing method with guided meditation
  • Virtues: Truth, Beauty, Goodness, and Honesty
  • Time: 30 Minutes to 1 Day (Half-day and full-day workshop include therapeutic writing exercises.)


Enacting Strong Boundaries for Soul Freedom in the Workplace

Moving in and out of the various energies of the demands of the workplace is supported by new thought and the practice of using your own energy system to be more productive and creative. Balancing this ‘at work wisdom’ are learned resources and easy ritual for strengthening the boundary between work and home, thus keeping work at work…and the space of the home sacred.

  • Theme: Self-care and boundaries are essential practices to cultivate healthy work-life balance.
  • Group Healing: Guided meditation to clear and balance energy, self-care technique to reinforce strong sense of self and boundaries for meetings and co-creative environments, and a beautiful returning and reigniting of your inner creative self.
  • Virtues: Gentleness, Endurance, Kindness, and Peace
  • Time: Full day (Includes therapeutic writing exercises)



Elemental Healing, Using Stones and Crystals in a Therapeutic Setting, Clearing the Energy of Trauma, Affirmations and Meditations, Sacred Anatomy, Mindfulness, Self-Discovery, Cosmology, Altar Building, Practitioner as Sacred Space, Creating Therapeutic Meditations, Working with Spiritual Allies/Guides, Speaking with Plants / Earth – Native Teachings, Journeying for Wellness, Expanded 13 Chakra System, Virtues


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