Healing in Surgery

I am proud and honored to be one of the few energy medicine practitioners with specific training in Energy Medicine in Surgery. Surgical support is a specific area of my practice, where I bring absolutely every gift that I have into supporting you through a very focused series of appointments. I absolutely love this aspect of my practice. You will receive the beneficial healing of trauma support, emotional support, medical-intuitive work, spiritual support, clinical recovery, and even medication (anesthetic) removal.

I have worked in surgical settings in North Carolina through Duke University Pediatrics, Wake Med Hospital, UNC Hospitals, and Rex Hospitals. Surgical support is a custom package that includes (typically) around 5 sessions. Four of these are regular length, and then the surgical day can be up to 8 hours of support.

In addition to support and energy balancing, I will be gently guiding you through the surgery process. Rather than being alone and passed between different teams of caring nurses, I will at your side as you leave for surgery and will be present as you wake up.

Combined with the energetic support, I advocate for you, take notes, and work with your surgical team to ensure you are being treated with thoughtful care and integrity. I will also ensure your medical wishes are honored and upheld throughout your entire surgical process. I will sit with your family or loved ones. Many times they are so grateful for the information and insights that I can provide them regarding your surgery experience.

Do you have an upcoming surgery and would like energetic support? If so, I invite you to schedule a complimentary 45-minute surgical consultation to discuss your operation and how healing energy medicine can support you and improve your experience.

I am here for you. I look forward to guiding you and sharing your journey of healing.

I’m a somatic trauma therapist, and Amelia and her healing gifts helped me through a recent major surgery. She traveled across the state to my home the evening before and prepared a heartfelt ceremony that was grounding and allowed me to focus on my intentions for the surgery and for my healing. Amelia was present the entire time I was at the medical facility and integrated her work seamlessly with my surgical team. Hers was the first voice I heard in the recovery room as I woke up, allowing me to know I had made it safely through the procedure. She also took careful notes about important information, was an advocate for my needs, and helped lift the energetic haze of the anesthesia. Even in the best circumstances, surgery is traumatic for the mind and body, and Amelia’s energy work and loving presence helped mitigate the difficulties of the experience. I am so grateful that she was there.
Annie Orr, Phd., Asheville, NC

Four years ago, I was sitting with one of my surgical clients in another appointment and his energy shifted; he got quiet and he looked up at my eyes and I noticed that he was softly beginning to cry. He changed the subject:

Amelia, I just want to thank you for helping me during my surgery. I have never felt so ready, so centered, so prepared, so calm. My surgeon also mentioned that the surgery felt different to him. I am so grateful that you were here to help me. I can’t express adequately what you did for me that day. You probably changed the rest of my life.

Surgery Package Overview

Surgical support is a custom package that includes (typically) around 5 sessions. Four of these are regular length and then the surgical day can be up to 8 hours of support.

In addition to the support and energy balancing, I will be guiding and supporting you through surgery. Rather than being alone and passed between different teams of caring nurses, I will be with you as you leave for surgery and will be present as you wake up.

In addition to the energetic support, I can advocate for you, take notes, and work with your surgical team to ensure you are being treated with integrity and your medical wishes are honored throughout your surgical process.

Preparing for surgery gives the body a chance to understand what is going to happen during the procedure on a deep level and allows the body to create a positive relationship with the procedure and help soften fear and worry.

Pre-surgical support includes a vision quest to help you get clear about what your goals are during surgery. We will also create a sacred place for your spirit to rest in during your surgery.

I will accompany you to pre-op and help support your body, mind, and spirit for your surgery. I’ll work with you during the entire length of the surgery keeping you grounded, maintaining balance in your energy system, and holding sacred space for you during your procedure through a meaningful activity that you and I complete in one of your pre-operative sessions.

The surgical session is done as distance therapy in the waiting room. I have been trained to go into surgery with you and we can discuss this as an option depending on the surgery type and surgical setting.

Post-surgery, I meet you in PACU (or the post-operative recovery room) removing the anesthetic and pain medications from the field, wound sealing and musculature recovery, working gently with the pain body, and helping to balance the auric system such that the body is deeply and clearly connected to its natural healing intelligences.

After you return home or are moved to a longer-stay recovery room at the hospital, we will set up two more appointments to help your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies come back to balance. This healing supports you from your cellular healing, to scarring, to pain management, to spiritual and emotional aspects of post-surgical recovery.
read to Amelia's article on Energy Medicine in Surgery

Read Amelia’s article on
Energy Medicine in Surgery

Read a Client’s Surgical Story

Much to my surprise, I found myself with a medical situation that required surgery. This news took me from calm, grounded, and feeling physical well to nervous, anxious, and unsettled. While my medical team was advising that this surgery was in the best interest of my health long term, I was very concerned about the effects this would have on me physically and energetically.

I struggled to accept this as a course of treatment. I am a “long-term” and faithful client of Amelia’s and knew immediately that she would help me with all of my concerns. From the time I knew a surgery was in my future, I turned to Amelia to help prepare me for the surgery, be with me during the surgery, and provide post-surgery support.

Pre-Surgery Experience

To prepare for the surgery there were sessions where Amelia worked with my organs to help them hear the energetic message that they would be leaving my physical body – with ease and grace. We also provided some energy and energetic talk to help my body understand that it could easily function without these organs. My concern was the “loss” of the feminine energy these organs produced. Through Amelia’s work, teachings, and affirmations I was able to be comfortable with the energetic imprint of these organs.

Amelia also prepared me and provided me with words that I needed to talk with the many health care practitioners. My goal was to express my wishes related to her advocacy and involvement in my care. She was excellent in articulating your rights as a patient and ensures you received this very important aspect of your care. When I delivered my wishes to the nursing staff and my surgeon, I had the perfect words and story to ensure my wishes were granted. This brought me tremendous relief to know my wishes regarding my care were being advocated by Amelia. (While you are educating your health care practitioners, it might be a good idea to share your wishes and Amelia’s role in your treatment and healing with your family. This can set expectations with your loved one’s as you call to Amelia for support on your treatment or surgery day.)

The last part of the preparation was creating my perfect place. This was a place where Amelia and I met energetically during the surgery. We had a session prior to the surgery where we discussed the perfect place that I created and I leaned how we would use this beautiful place so Amelia could meet me and help me with the physical energetic aspects of the surgery. An example was if Amelia “experienced” that there was a way for my body to help support the surgery, such as lowering of blood pressure, then she could communicate with my energy body while I was under anesthesia.

After completing all of my pre-surgery sessions with Amelia all of the hesitations, anxiety, and fear were diminished.

Surgery Day

As part of my personal treatment and healing plan, I choose to have Amelia both physically and spiritually at the hospital the day of the surgery. When I saw her walk into the waiting room in her scrubs I was so happy to see her. Knowing that she was advocating my care and only had my best interest at the center of her heart meant so much to me. I remember feeling “prepared” and was assured any affects that the anesthesia, the surgery, my physical self and my energy would be closed monitored and support by Amelia though her healing energy. On this day, this is one thing I was sure of. Amelia was with me during the pre-op, where I felt grounded, supported and loved. She brought oils that helped ground me, which she knows, is a sense of comfort to me.

While I have no recollection of the actual surgery, a close friend did observe Amelia in the waiting room. What was shared with me was the obvious connection between Amelia and I throughout the operation.

Amelia told my friend and mother when the surgery was concluding and immediately following, the hospital informed my family and friends the surgery was concluding.

When the surgeon came to update my family and friends Amelia asked if she could be with me in the recovery room, which was all pre-arranged.

When I woke up she was the first face I saw at the end of the bed. To this day, the comfort and relief she brought me using “Healing Touch” methods reduced my pain the affects of the anesthesia and my surgery. I was relieved to have the energy “recycled” and to start the restorative and healing from this entire experience. Her touch and the healing she brought immediately started me on my way to recovery. Amelia provided support and healing that goes beyond any words.

Post Surgery

Amelia was wonderful with staying connected with me during my recovery period. There were appointments to access my healing and energy fields post surgery. These particular appointments provided an affirmation that the imprint of my organs remained. There was relief in this affirmation. Though her techniques, Amelia was able to “check-in” with my physical body and assess the healing process and how by body was adjusting with the void of organs. This appointment came weeks before checking in with my surgeon. I firmly believe the personal plan that Amelia created for me was vital in how quickly I regained my strength and energy. My recovery could not have gone any better.


I attribute my acceptance and uneventful healing to ensuring not only was I physically prepared but my spirit, guides, angels, and energetic support were aligned for what I needed. This is a service that you should most certainly discuss with Amelia and customize specific to your needs. If you are going to have you body affected by any medical treatment or surgery, you owe it to yourself to care for your body, spirit and energy fields to provide the love and nurturing that you deserve.

Amelia has the education, healing techniques, background, and experience that will serve you emotional, physically and energetically. As a firm believer in integrative health care, you should consider all aspects of your “being” so that you can have balance and restore in such a beautiful and safe complementary healing modality.

2015 Hysterectomy Client
Rex Hospital, Raleigh NC

Surgical Support – Information, Pricing and Packages

Easy! Use my scheduler and find a time that fits with your schedule. If you don’t see a time that fits your schedule, then e-mail me. Please know that I receive a lot of e-mails and this can sometimes take a few days to return a message. I do the very best that I can to be attentive and responsive in a respectful amount of time.

For surgical appointments, we work together to create the perfect schedule.  Sometimes we might need to meet on a weekend or outside office hours to accommodate your needs and I am happy to do this.

My office is in Durham, NC. For distance clients, we can meet on the phone or Skype.

First, we will have our 45 minute initial conversation and see if this service feels right to you.  After that conversation, I will give you talking points and information about how to discuss the inclusion of my support into your surgery day.  This requires some collaboration with your surgical team and is a request that is covered under your Patient Bill of Rights.

We will start with two sessions fairly close together to prepare you for surgery.

For the surgery day, I will meet you in the waiting area prior to surgery and stay with you until you are taken back to the marking room and then to the operating room.   At this time, I will be working with you over distance throughout the entire length of your surgery. If you have loved ones waiting for you, you and I will become very clear ahead a time about what you wish me to share or not share with your support person/people.

After your surgery, depending on arrangements with the hospital, I will meet you in the PACU (Post Anesthesia Care Unit) and support you as your body and energy clears the anesthesia and move with you to your Recovery Room. During this time, I will be shifting my focus and care to supporting anesthetic removal, pain management, and cellular recovery.

Your post-surgical sessions are scheduled after you are able to assess your needs and can be done at home, in the hospital, or my office / phone.

Fee includes:

  • Surgical Day (Up to 8 Hours – includes travel time)
  • 4 additional Surgical Support Sessions (75 Minutes Each)

Package price:  $3,150 (Includes 4 sessions + surgery day) 

If I have to travel outside of driving distance and have to miss two days of work (before the surgery and after), $1, 035 is added to the fee.

All travel expenses are the responsibility of the client.

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