Tendrils and Resolutions – Part 2: Origin of Resolutions

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Tendrils and Resolutions – Part 2: Origin of Resolutions

Part 2:  Resolution

Resolution comes from the late 14c., “a breaking into parts,” from Old French resolution (14c.) or directly from Latin resolutionem (nominative resolutio) “process of reducing things into simpler forms,” from past participle stem of resolvere “loosen.”  (Source: www.etymonline.com)

If resolution by historical grounding offers us an opportunity to break apart, the question is: Into what is it broken? These parts, these “simpler forms,” in my belief offer us an opportunity to re-claim what is simple in us; what is known in us; what is sturdy in us; what anchors and grounds us. If resolution by practice means to set a focus or a wish to be made manifest, I would challenge us to embody our resolution in the historical sense, to find what in us is pure in its simplest form and clean (in that it has no interference).

How?  The answer is in re-remembering.
In each of us, is a desire to know ourselves more deeply.  In each of us, is the complete inner library of what is already known. The resolution is to return to our inner library and find the reference, the simplest part, already written, and grow from this place.  The re-remembering that beyond our culture, family, and circumstances, is a being so rich and full with wisdom that nothing becomes impossible and impassable.  The re-remembering of what is stable and strong is the important first step. 

What is your best and most beloved quality?
You might start here in reflecting on what quality you admire and love about yourself.  Reliance? Creativity?  Thoughtfulness?  Kindness?  Fierceness? Endurance?  These may be examples of one of your inner resources of resolution.  Find this and then take your wish or your dream for this next year and partner it with this quality. Now, you reach from a grounded place to the next grounded place.

The tendrils of our journeying seeks first to be anchored and then, when resolute, to stretch, grow, and bloom…


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