Energy Healing for Trauma and Anxiety

Trauma – big T trauma – an accident, an abuse, a diagnosis, a relationship shift, a betrayal, a disaster, a loss, a cancer journey, an unexpected surgery –  anything that leaves you feeling as though the world around you is not what you thought it was. 

Trauma – little t  trauma – a surprising reaction of a close friend, a fight, a difficult repeating circumstance, family and intergenerational stories – anything that leaves you feeling as though your world is not what you thought it was. 

Whether big T or little t trauma, you work with it differently than say a more routine care of a physical sensation or story.  Usually, there are patterns involved – patterns of thought; patterns of behavior; patterns of anxiety; patterns of restlessness; patterns of sadness; patterns of fear; patterns of shame. 

Sometimes, it is important that you are working with a mental health professional, somatic experiencing professional or another licensed practitioner in addition to receiving energy medicine.  We will discuss this.


Healing Touch

Healing Touch is an energy-healing modality that contains both spiritual and scientific components – it is a body, mind, and spirit therapy that supports wellness through the four primary dimensions of the individual: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It is the clinical foundation for the energy therapy that I provide and makes its way into almost every session.

Healing Touch is found in hospitals, clinics, retirement communities, spas, wellness centers, churches, and private practices around the world.

This modality is finding its way into to many research studies across the United States. I am certified through the Healing Touch Program, the only energy medicine program to have National Accreditations through the American Nursing Credentialing Center (ANCC) and the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) and the American and Canadian Holistic Nurses Associations (AHNA) also endorse this program.


It is impossible to treat only one aspect of the person, so I allow all of my different ways of working with energy to arrive together to treat you.

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Energy Healing Consultations – Information, Pricing and Packages

How can I book up with you?

Easy! Use my scheduler and find a time that fits with your schedule. If you don’t see a time that fits your schedule, then e-mail me. Please know that I receive a lot of e-mails and this can sometimes take a few days to return a message. I do the very best that I can to be attentive and responsive in a respectful amount of time.


Where is your office?

My office is in Durham, NC. For distance clients, we can meet on the phone or Skype.

When do you work?

Typically, you will find me in my office on Tuesdays and Thursdays and by phone / Skype other days of the week. I do my best to accommodate time zones.

How will we get started?

We will start with a Foundation Session. This is an impactful 2-hour session. In this session, we discover a map of your existing energy patterns so that we can really get clear on what you need. Usually, we uncover limiting patterns that have been lingering around for quite a long time. After discovering, and usually shifting some things along the way, we move into a regular length energy therapy session.

What are your fees?

The Foundational Session = $260.00
Individual 75 Min Sessions = $135.00
4 Session Package = $475
(Saves $65.00)
8 Session Package = $945 (Saves $135.00)