Our mission is supporting global transformation, one individual at a time, one class at a time, through self-care, self-discovery, and healer development.

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Featured Course

The Origin of You

from Star to Body

A short course for remembering who you are.

  • Guides you in a meditative journey returning you to your purest source.
  • Explains how the energy dimensions of the core light, hara, dantians, chakras, fields, and channels all create your energy anatomy.
  • Provides the meditations as downloads for spiritual transformation and self-discovery.
  • 1 Hour Certificate of Completion
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The Vogler Institute is committed to the betterment of this world through offering transformative content that deepens self-awareness and offers a path for Spiritual development. With every course you purchase a tree is planted through our partnership with One Tree Planted to help support Mother Earth, a royalty is paid to our sustaining musicians, and a tithing is offered to our community fund. This fund is used to support our under-represented communities so that they may have access to Spiritual development coursework and also used for donations for humanitarian aid around the world.

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Thank you for being a part of the positive transformation in this healing world.